Autumn Activities & Adventures

Autumn is such a colourful season. The deep oranges, browns, reds, the dark greens make Greenland and Trees make for stunning photos.

But autumn can also be a season for some great activities with toddlers and children. So here is a list of things to do with your little ones to make the most of this season:

  • Leaf Jumping:

    Go to your local park, one with big leafy trees, shake the branches and encourage to leaves to come off and then… Leaf jump! This is one of my all time favourite autumn activities. Throw the leaves in the air, let them shower over you, make a big pile and kick them over, hide in them, the list of fun with leaves is endless!

  • Leaf Printing:

    Collect some leaves, different shapes, and different sizes and take them home. Set up a table with a big sheet of people and some autumn coloured paints. Paint one side of the leaf and print them onto the paper.

  • Conker Collecting and Creating:

    Conkers are everywhere at the moment and little ones love exploring so get them to collect as many conkers as they can. There are so many things you can do!
    You can make Conker Caterpillars, sticking the conkers today and adding a face to the first conker.
    You can make it educational by counting the conker caterpillars, how many conkers make up the caterpillar? Or by putting a letter on each conker and learning the alphabet! Did you know you could also make little characters out of conkers? Give it a try!

  • Pumpkin Picking:

    Find a farm that is offering Pumpkin picking and go out for a few hours picking that perfect pumpkin for you to carve for Halloween.

  • Pumpkin Carving:

    Carving a pumpkin can be a messy and dangerous activity so be careful! It can also produce amazing results! Can you really wait until Halloween to carve your pumpkin though? Or will you cave?

  • Autumn Water Sensory Tray:

    Do you have a sand and water table that you think is now out of action because the summer has gone? Dig it out again, fill it up with warmer water and get exploring for conkers, pine cones, sticks and throw them all in, it’s a great sensory tray and they still get to play in some water. Maybe put a coat on them though!

So here are a few of the activities I’ll be trying with Alfie over the autumn! Do you have anything that you do in the autumn that would be fun for us to try? Do let us see what you’ve been up to too!

Mummy Fox xx

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