Boxing Day

Christmas Traditions: Doing things differently

Christmas traditions are something that lots of families have. They come in all shapes and sizes. But it is also something that lots of families don’t do, or something that is done very differently. I remember growing up, when I still lived at home with my parents,

Fox Family Time #6 – Pumpkin Picking!

Fox Family Time #6 comes to you this week from Malt Kiln Farm near Coventry. We popped over to Malt Kiln Farm and their temporary shop to have a look at some pumpkins. However, we ended up picking some strawberries as that’s what Alfie wanted to do! Kids hey?! Unfortunately, back in June, Malt Kiln…

Fox Family Time #5: Blackpool

Fox Family Time #5 comes to you from the great British seaside town of Blackpool! Why I Love Blackpool As I grew up in Manchester one of our local seaside towns was Blackpool and we loved days out there. A few years back my Grandparents decided to sell up and move to an apartment, on…

Fox Family Time #1 Kingsbury Water Park

I’m going to be writing a post once a week about something that we’ve done as a family the previous week. It’s something that, as a family, we need to be more proactive about. We need to spend more quality time together.