June has been such a family month. With Father’s Day, days out and Eli’s Blessing we have had a lovely month.

Eli turned four months old and had all of the attention on him at his baby blessing. We are making the most of the hot weather with trips to the park, water fights in the garden and the strawberry picking season having started.

June 2018 Me and Mine Project

June 2018’s me and mine photos were taken in the paddling pool in our garden! We’d actually taken some other pictures at the park whilst we had a picnic. But we didn’t like them, so we took these on a whim. I much prefer them, we were having so much fun and they are more natural.

I wonder what Eli thinks to our madness? He seems to be more interested in the water or his hands…

This month Amy’s loving:

  • Getting my 1 and a half stone and club 10 award at Slimming World
  • Time with my Fox Boys in the paddling pool
  • Celebrating Eli’s Baby Blessing with Family and Friends
  • Watching the World Cup and Love Island!

This month Dan’s loving:

  • Taking Eli on his first Strawberry Picking experience
  • Being out in the garden, but also whinging about it being too hot
  • Taking Alfie trampolining with his friend
  • Having friends over for a take away
  • His first Father’s Day with Eli

This month Alfie’s loving:

  • Strawberry Picking and trying to force feed Eli a strawb!
  • Playing at the park
  • Playing in the paddling pool
  • Water fights in the garden with daddy

This month Eli’s loving:

  • His first splash in the paddling pool
  • His first trip to the Sea Life Centre
  • Trying to cut his first tooth
  • Going to Paula’s with Alfie for the morning

July is going to be a month of chaos for the first few weeks with Dan marking A Level papers and hiding away in the office. However, we will have lots of family time to catch up on after that.

Roll on the summer holidays! This weather can stay for a bit longer that’s for sure…

Mummy Fox

The Me + Mine Project - Dear Beautiful

3 thoughts on “The Me and Mine Project – June 2018”

  1. I like your photos too, for the exact reason as you, you can’t deny the honest, real happy smiles.
    Oh I must go strawberry picking I’ve seen so many people doing it, it’s a proper summer activity too.

  2. I love the paddling pool photos – perfect in this weather! It looks like you are having fun in the photos. Eli’s baby blessing sounds like it was a lovely day and I love the sound of water fights in the garden. Strawberry picking is always a lovely activity too 🙂 #meandmineproject

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