We rented a lovely little house. It’s mine and Dan’s first house together (not including the disastrous student house). It has three bedrooms, a master with an en-suite, a spare room/ office with a desk and a sofa bed in. Plus Alfie’s adorable nursery (painted purple and for a girl – that’s how it was when we moved in!) 

It is perfect for our little family! The only problem is storage space, or the lack of it as it is. This leads to Alfie’s toys, pushchair, bouncer etc being all over the front room. This makes it look messy and therefore you have to tidy before you clean. Now that was fine when it was me and Dan. But now Alfie is here, he does not let me do anything, because he doesn’t want to be put down!


Time for housework?

What’s that?!

I’m lucky if he naps for long enough for me to have lunch, or shower, or pay some bills. But he never naps long enough for that and housework. Doing it in the evenings when I could be spending time with Dan is just, well, even more crap!

Today I gave in and even tried putting him in his bouncer and put on some baby tv channels, so I could clean… Did it work?


Typical. We said we didn’t want a baby that just sat in front of the tv all day… Well we got what we wished for!

So what do I do? We’ve got some fantastic friends and fantastic parents that will have Alfie for a couple of hours here and there. So we can do this kinda thing, but that’s not ideal!

House inspection 

To make things worse and to rub in the fact Alfie is a pain, the landlady let us know that she was coming to do a house inspection at the weekend… Cue stressing about the state of the house!

If anybody has a cleaning fairy, please send them my way!

Mummy Fox xx

3 thoughts on “Housework?”

  1. We went through the clingy phase, and to be honest it was probably the hardest one… It did pass though 🙂 people understand with a baby it is impossible to keep a house tidy at all times 🙂

  2. We have had 2 inspections since Olivia came along and i find distracting the landlord with ghe cute lil baby worked wonders haha

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