Hello! Welcome to my page of Pregnancy Blogs!

You will find all of blogs that are pregnancy and birth related here. Don’t worry you won’t find any gory photos! Well maybe one of a brand new baby… but that’s still cute. There are quite a lot of pregnancy blogs for Alfie, but the majority of them are just trimester catch ups and then a VERY long birth story!

One day there may be another set of pregnancy blogs here for Baby Fox number two…

Baby Blogging Begins!

IMG_5690My first blog post, and first pregnancy blog post was Baby blogging begins! We took numerous tests, had our first scan and a bit of a scare, but all was well and the impending arrival of  Baby Fox was announced to the world!

Second Trimester!

IMG_3109Take a look at the Second Trimester Blog post here! We had quite a nice Second Trimester really, I felt Baby Fox kick for the first time and we had a baby moon.

The Roller Coaster Trimester!

Take a look at the Roller Coaster Trimester here! It included GTT’s, Growth Scans and monitorings due to increased fluid!