Disneyland Paris

Top tips for Disneyland Paris with a toddler!

Disneyland Paris is magical. It is one of my favourite places even though I’ve only been a handful of times. We went in the summer (2016) for our Honeymoon and, although we knew we were going to have a wonderful time, it was daunting taking a toddler.

Fox Family Time #6 – Pumpkin Picking!

Fox Family Time #6 comes to you this week from Malt Kiln Farm near Coventry. We popped over to Malt Kiln Farm and their temporary shop to have a look at some pumpkins. However, we ended up picking some strawberries as that’s what Alfie wanted to do! Kids hey?! Unfortunately, back in June, Malt Kiln…

Fox Family Time #5: Blackpool

Fox Family Time #5 comes to you from the great British seaside town of Blackpool! Why I Love Blackpool As I grew up in Manchester one of our local seaside towns was Blackpool and we loved days out there. A few years back my Grandparents decided to sell up and move to an apartment, on…

A Family Summer 2016

How has the Summer been and gone? We’ve just gone back to work, and this term is going to hit us with a big bang! I’m going to do a quick round-up of the whole summer. You’ll soon see how crazy we were having not much time off at all! We’ve had 46 days off,…

Fox Family Time #1

I’m going to be writing a post once a week about something that we’ve done as a family the previous week. It’s something that, as a family, we need to be more proactive about. We need to spend more quality time together.