About Mummy Fox

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Mummy Fox

I’m Amy, I’m 25 and I’m a married Mum of two little boys. I started my blog when I was on Maternity Leave with my eldest son so I could document his life and be able to look back on how he’d grown. Now I’m maternity leave for a second time, life is very different.

Alfie Fox

Alfie George Fox was born in November 2014 and has completely changed our lives, for the better of course. He’s three and is learning and growing so quickly. He has the cheekiest face and gives the biggest cuddles. He is a little boy that loves cars, trains and dinosaurs. But he also loves being a big brother.

Eli Fox

Eli Charlie Fox was born in February 2018. He’s not a huge fan of sleeping for more than a couple of hours at a time, but is one of the cutest bundles of joy you will ever see. So he can be forgiven…

Daddy Fox

My husband, Dan, is a Maths Teacher in a secondary school so we both get the school holidays off to enjoy time together. What can be better than six weeks off in the summer? Cue the arguments!  When he’s not doing school work he’s a massive board game geek and loves playing on the Wii U with Alfie.

The Fox Family

We live in the West Midlands and we are settling down as a family of four. I am originally a Mancunian, so don’t be surprised when I call a form of bread a barm, or if mealtimes are named differently to the Midlands norm.

I work term time in a Secondary School although I’m currently on Maternity Leave. As a busy mum of two I don’t get much time to myself. But when I do I enjoy baking, ready or just having a lazy day eating chocolate! Although we rarely have a lazy day at home.

Mummy Fox is a blog all about our life as a Fox Family. The highs and lows of working life, our milestones, days out and the things we enjoy, plus much, much more. You will find lots of photos of two cheeky faces that is for sure…

If you’d like to discuss working with us then please do contact me!

Mummy Fox