29 Weeks

This week has been glorious!

The sun has shone and it has been really nice to get out of the house, walk lots, and enjoy the fresh air.

We started the week by going to our Church’s Big Lunch. The weather was perfect and all of the tables were able to be outside as we joined with church friends and family for a lovely meal. Alfie got to show off his rolling on the grass (in the shade) and he enjoyed lots of cuddles!


Have any of you ever painted with a six month old? Well, I did just that this week, we made Dan his first ever Father’s Day card! (There will be a Father’s Day post to fill you all in) and got quite messy… Luckily we did it when we were at Youth Group so we didn’t make a mess on our carpet! I don’t think Dan would have been happy cleaning up paint…

 It was very cute, Alfie was well behaved and he liked me painting him! (When you see what we made you’ll understand!)

Youth Group

Alfie always comes with me to Youth Group on a Monday evening, so it’ll probably feature a lot in our weekly update. This week we played a game called ‘Don’t show your teeth’ where you have to say a word, pass it onto the next person to say, without showing them your teeth. Alfie joined in too! He did very well but, don’t forget, he doesn’t have any teeth yet!!

Picnic in the park

The best day of the week was the day that we went to War Memorial Park in Coventry with some of the Coventry Mummies from the Facebook group for a picnic in the park! We spent a good three hours enjoying the sunshine, a picnic, new friends and babies, rolling and snoozing in the sun. What more could we want?

Mini updates

  • We ended Alfie’s 29th week with Nanna and Grandad at ours for the evening. He loves his Grandparents and it’s lovely getting a bit of a break whilst they entertain him!
  • Alfie’s favourite meal this week was mash, mash and more mash!
  • Sleep has not been as good this week, a few nights of a couple of wake ups and a few nights of very early mornings… ZZZzzzZZZzzz

On that note, I’m off to bed as Alfie may be up in a few hours.

Mummy Fox xx

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