30 weeks / 7 months update

So after my blogging break I thought it would be best to go back through my drafts and post relevant blog and milestone posts!

June saw Alfie hit 7 months old. A very busy month for a 7 month old…

First pair of shoes

Alfie is now the proud owner of a brand new pair of Clarks baby crawler shoes! (He now actually has three pairs!)  We went into Clarks and had his feet measured, picked some shoes (they have planes on the side!!) he had his photo taken for his first pair of shoes and that was it. He instantly looked months older trying to stand leaning on the furniture in his new shoes.

They are helping with him trying to crawl and his rolling around. They seem to make him roll faster… Or he’s just getting good at it!


Dan led the worship in our Church on the Sunday. Me and Alfie were asked to read a storybook of Alfie’s to the congregation. In proper Alfie style he stole the show and I’m fairly sure nobody was listening to me read. They were too busy listening to Alfie and watching him try to eat the book, turn the page or grab the microphone! He’s definitely showing signs that he’s going to be like his daddy when he’s older, a good public speaker and very loud!!


Alfie and I got the chance to go to the George at Asda Press Day to preview their Autumn Winter 2015 collection. I’ll be blogging about the day in another post but will let you know about a few little bits of what it will contain:

  • Breastfeeding standing up on a moving packed train
  • Shopping on Oxford Street
  • Flower arranging
  • Window shopping all of the George Collection
  • Hyde Park
  • Sun, sun and more sun
  • New clothes!!!

Grandad’s Birthday
Grandad Fox’s birthday was in June and he got his first Grandad card! We had him round for tea on the Friday and Alfie got to spoil him with lots of smiles and cuddles. Mummy and Daddy Fox spoilt him with coffee for his new coffee machine!

Baby Craft

 Probably one of the messiest and most exciting days of the week was Friday. Alfie and his baby friends, George no 1 and no 2, Amelia-Rae, Faye and Erin all came to church to make some Father’s Day crafts!

We made cards, salt dough prints and canvases with their hand and foot prints, it was very messy and lots of paint everywhere but very productive.

It was a lovely afternoon where the babies could go play together and the mummy’s could sit and natter (and eat Krispy Kreme donuts!) I hope all the daddy’s had a lovely Father’s Day and enjoyed there handmade presents and cards… More on Father’s Day in another post! (If I get round to it!)

On the Saturday we were at Dan’s parents house. My parents were camping nearby so we went to take my dad his Father’s Day present and spend a few hours with them. Alfie loves the grass. It is the one thing he doesn’t try to eat, but if you put him on the picnic blanket he’ll roll to the edge so he can get to the grass… Something tells me that won’t last very long.

A couple that are friends with my mum and dad were camping with their girls… They have 6 girls between them with the youngest being 8 weeks old.

I was so broody!!!

She was adorable and tiny! She was smaller than Alfie was born and I absolutely loved having cuddles. We thought Alfie may have been a little jealous seeing me with another baby… He could not care less! He was more interested in what was going on outside the tent, that bodes well for Baby Fox number 2 (not just yet don’t worry family members reading this!) I am sure I want a girl though… It’s a shame you don’t get to pick.

The updates will keep on coming…

Mummy Fox xx

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