Alfie’s 2 year update!

Alfie's 2nd Birthday Blog Bash! Updates, parties, presents and parenting all about Alfie's 2nd birthday. A 2 year update with what the monkey is up too!

2 Year Update

So here it is, his 2 year update! I’ve never been very good at keeping up with Alfie’s updates… sorry! However, with his 2nd Birthday looming I thought I’d better get a move on and fill you all in.

Alfie is almost two! I can’t believe how this year has flown. It feels like only yesterday we had his first birthday party. He was poorly and slept for most of the day, so won’t remember! We had a bouncy castle and he couldn’t bounce… It was great for the big kids at least!

He’s got the independence to explore, the curiosity and stubbornness to work things out for himself, and the intelligence to learn as much as he possibly can. However he can throw one of the cutest tantrums I’ve ever seen. Check the video in this blog post out and you’ll understand!


As Alfie learns and grows it makes my day, every day. Especially as he comes out with even better sentences than the day before. My favourite is, and will most likely always be, “I love you lots Jelly Tots Mummy” as he goes up to bed every night.

He talks for England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We can understand most of what he tell us… But I’m sorry to him that we don’t always understand. It amazes us with the way he uses connecting words and that he tells us about his day.

He knows all of his colours and is confident in telling us if he thinks we are wrong. Your boots are definitely yellow though and not orange!

He knows lots of different number but can’t count. His way of counting is “1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, blast off!”


Alfie’s been walking for a while now, in fact he’s been walking that long he doesn’t do it any more! He has now decided that walking is not fun and he wants to run everywhere. As you can imagine, this has its advantages and disadvantages… It’s dangerous for him to run off, but it is adorable chasing him around the house listening to him giggle!

His favourite thing to do is jump on his mini trampoline. He’s been able to jump for a while now. It is the cutest thing watching his little feet come off the ground just a little bit!


Alfie has always been big. That is expected given that he was 10lb 5oz when he was born! He’s been in 2-3 clothes for a couple of months now, so although that is nearly right for his age, I can’t see him staying in them until he is 3!

He is a bit like his mummy and daddy and he has big feet. We’ve not had his feet measured for a while but he’s quickly outgrowing his 7s! I expect him to be in size 8s by Christmas.

The way that he’s growing I’m expecting him to be taller than me by the time he’s five and taller than daddy by the time he’s ten!

Eating and Drinking

Toddlers are notorious for being fussy eaters. Alfie has always been a great eater, but he is getting fussier. He would drink milk or orange juice all day long if he could. He likes to call things different names to what they are. But hey if it makes him eat them, who am I to judge? Risotto is just beans isn’t it?!

He is like every other toddler in the fact he asks for chocolate ten times a day…

If anybody has any top tips about getting some vegetables into our boy then send them our way. He will eat fruit until he turns into an orange or a banana but not vegetables!

If you’ve read some of my older posts you’ll know that Alfie was a breastfed baby. He fed up until he was 22 months old. He self weaned. It gradually got less and less until he didn’t ask any more. There are still occasions when he asks for booby, but it’s rare. He now says “All gone mummy, no more booby”. He definitely knows what’s going on that’s for sure.

Terrible Twos!

My oh my… I don’t think I’ll be able to explain enough to any parent about what happens when your toddler becomes a 2 year old. All I can say it don’t expect it to happen when they become a 2 year old. Alfie has got the terrible two behaviour down to a t already!

He has a little attitude, he’s stubborn and he loves the word No! So typical behaviour for a 2 year old really!

That being said we are absolutely adoring having a toddler that is nearly a 2 year old. He is funny and he is so polite. He is always saying yes please and thank you! He’s cheeky, he copies everything we say, he loves holding our hands and taking us to his toys to play. He is everything and more than we could have asked for and we are so proud of the little boy that he is becoming.

Mummy Fox xx

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