Alfie’s first word…

Yesterday Alfie said his first word!

Every now and then it sounds like he is saying hiya, but not properly, so we have been waiting to see what his first word would be.

When Alfie is tired he makes a very cute tired noise that’s like an ‘ah’ noise. Well yesterday he was making said tired noise but then said…


Wooooo! I made him jump I cheered that much! I was so proud of him saying mama twice that I couldn’t help myself.

I’m also kinda glad that he said Mama and not Dada as I don’t think I’d hear the end of it otherwise. I am, however, convinced that he’ll learn to say Dada soon and then just say that just to annoy me and to the delight of Dan. I may have to have words with him…

Lets just say there is lots of me saying Mama in our house today!

Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, lots of Alfie time means not much blogging time… I do have a million drafts to finish and post so when I get around to it, you will all be bombarded – be prepared!

Mummy Fox xx

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