Birthday Celebrations – Cake Smash Chaos

10 days to go…

In the run up to Baby Fox’s FIRST BIRTHDAY I’m going to be catching up on the year and letting you join in on his celebrations! There is going to be a lot of Baby Fox spam!

A few weeks ago Alfie’s baby friends Faye and Erin had a cake smash photo shoot. I LOVED the photos and decided that I would like Alfie to have one too. Bring on the mess!

Oh boy it was messy!

We’d hired out our Church school room hall, so I didn’t have a cake smeared carpet, and it was the perfect space to get cake covered.

The cake had Malteasers and white chocolate buttons on the top. To begin with Alfie was more interested in sitting and eating them nicely…

Don’t get me wrong, it was very cute watching him eat his first Malteaser, hearing the crunch, his eyes lighting up at the taste. But it wasn’t the messy cake smash scene I’d pictured in my head, from the wonderful pages of Pinterest.

If you’ve never used Pinterest then you are crazy and need to get it downloaded asap! It is useful for absolutely everything – Wedding ideas, baby announcements, photo shoot ideas!

To get the chaos started Dan grabbed a handful of cake, smashed it up and gave a chunk to Alfie to get stuck into. He LOVED eating the cake… but he was so delicate with it! He just wanted to sit and eat it…




We decided that it was best that we got him messy and covered him in cake and cream…

We squirted cream on his head, in his hands, it melted down his face. It was great fun.

He didn’t mind us getting him messy but he didn’t want to do it himself. He was definitely more interested in eating it…

That’s our boy!

I’d definitely recommend a cake smash photo shoot but take note;

  • It is very messy, so I wouldn’t do it if you can’t handle that
  • It can take a while to get the photos you want, babies are not performing monkey’s and they will not always do what you want
  • They may crawl away from the cake and the backdrop and generally not be where you want them to be
  • Alfie had a fat free cake, so you don’t have to worry about them eating too much of the cake
  • They do not like lying down in mushy cake
  • You will get covered in cake
  • You will not like the cake smash clean up…

Mummy Fox xx

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