Favourite Alfie Moments

Evening everybody! Here’s a little post about a few of my favourite Alfie moments this week!

He is growing and changing so much at the moment and it’s like a rollercoaster ride that we can’t see the end too. But that’s okay as I don’t think I want to get off, because learning with him is the most incredible ride ever! It’s the kind of ride that has your stomach in knots and makes your belly do somersaults. It turns all sorts of different crazy corners, goes 100mph and comes to an abrupt stop before speeding off again.

I can’t quite keep up with all of the different things he is doing but these have been the highlight of my week that’s for sure.


This may come as a surprise to some of you, more likely not, but Alfie is the biggest chatterbox I know. His speech is coming on fantastically considering he’s not yet two. He likes to tell us everything that he’s done that day and he has got a great memory. Today he came home saying “It’s Autumn. Yellow and Orange leaves mummy. My play park” He obviously doesn’t use connecting words and everything is “my” but we can pretty much understand what he is telling us and what he is asking for now.

His favourite sentence over the week has got to be his response to me saying “I love you lots and lots” and he replied “Love you lots Jelly Tots Mummy!” To say it melted my heart is an understatement, it made my year and more!

Sunday Morning Lie In

This is an announcement to all parents. Your toddler will allow one lie in a year, this lie in will come at the perfect time and it will be bliss. Embrace it, love it and cherish it, for it will not happen for a long time. A long, long, long time!

Alfie allowed us the most amazing lie in whilst we were in Blackpool at the weekend. It came after one of the craziest weeks at work so it was what we all needed! It is incredible what some fresh air, the seaside and a late night can do to help us tired parents.

Proud Paula

Paula is Alfie’s childminder. She is amazing and she is honest. So we know that she will tell us what Alfie has really been like that day and what he’s been up too. I got the loveliest text from her whilst I was at work on Tuesday saying that he’d been adorable, kind, he’d not said no and he’d even asked to go for a nap!

It made my day! He can, like all children, be a nightmare and I’m glad that Paula tells us when he is because when she tells us he’s been amazing it really brightens up our day.

Why does he never ask to go for a nap here though?!

What have your little ones done that have made you proud this week? Are they little chatterboxes like Alfie?

Mummy Fox xx

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