Growth scans, contractions and c – sections pt3!

We are getting closer to the arrival of Baby Fox… Honestly! Now you’ll all understand why it seemed like the longest pregnancy ever, with all the drama I went through.

So, let’s follow on from having contractions and being in hospital! The maternity unit were having the windows replaced, I was convinced I’d see the project from beginning to end as I was in the hospital that much, but that meant that the MAU was shutting early and I had to be admitted and go up to the ward! That’s when me being scared kicked in. I was told I would definitely be staying in one night and maybe longer. I didn’t want Dan to leave, I didn’t want hospital food and I definitely didn’t want to stay on a hot sticky hospital ward!


I was monitored on and off over the evening and through the night, I was still having contractions, or tightenings as I called them, as they didn’t hurt much.

The doctor did her rounds the following morning as asked me what I wanted to do. I wasn’t dilating, the contractions weren’t dying down, but they weren’t 100% happy letting me go home. I hate hospitals and I’d spent enough time there over previous weeks. She agreed I could go home. Phew!

The doctor then made some comment to the midwife of making sure I had a follow up appointment to make sure I was okay after the steroids.

Steroids? I hadn’t had steroids? I knew then I wasn’t going home. The midwife told the doctor i’d not had them, and therefore needed them, so couldn’t go home. I’ve never felt so disheartened. Or angry! I’d been in the hospital since lunchtime. Steroids are given to pregnant ladies, when there is the risk of the baby coming early, to mature the baby’s lungs. It is two injections in the top of the leg, given exactly 12 hours apart. They could have given them both to me before now. But instead I had to have them at 11am and 11pm and stay in overnight for them to keep an eye on me.

I was not happy!

Another night in hospital. Woo!

Hospital food – double yay!

Luckily I have some great friends, who came to see me in afternoon visiting and kept me sane! Dan spent the whole evening visiting with me too. It was horrible, I missed him, I missed my bed and I missed being able to do what I want!

The next morning the doctor did his rounds. He was not happy with my monitorings and didn’t want to send me home. I begged. I live 10 minutes away from the hospital, I can get there straight away if anything changes, I won’t be going out, I won’t do anything to bring on labour. All things I said but didn’t really mean! I wanted to cry. I just wanted home comforts. I didn’t want to be there anymore. He gave in, told me I could be discharged but I had to have weekly monitorings at clinic to make sure nothing changed.


My best friend Katy came on the Friday (my last morning in hospital) she didn’t know if it was to visit me in hospital or at home. I met her at home and felt a million times better!

Unfortunately, due to being in hospital for three days, I missed my last week at work. I didn’t have a last day or get to take any treats in for everybody, I didn’t even put my out of office on for maternity leave! So I had to pop in on the Monday with goodies for everyone and sort the logistics of my mat leave! I’m lucky in the fact that my work were amazing during my pregnancy and how much time I had to have off for appointments.

All of this and only 36 weeks!

Lots more to come!


Mummy Fox xx

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