Milestone madness

Alfie hit six months last week (check out my six month blog post HERE) and it seems that since then everybody is asking if he has hit certain milestones since then.

  • Can he sit up?
  • Is he crawling yet?
  • How many teeth does he have? (Not even does he have any teeth yet, but how many?!)
  • Is he saying mama or dada?

Why is there so much pressure on our little ones to hit these milestones and as quick as humanly possible?

Why can’t they plod along at their own pace, doing things when they want too?

Alfie has only rolled back to front a handful of times. He is not interested and gets frustrated when you try and force him to do it… I don’t blame him! Maybe he doesn’t want to roll that way. Maybe he wants to skip rolling and go straight to crawling. Maybe he wants to skip crawling and go straight to walking! (Please don’t, not yet!)

It is really difficult not to compare babies that are a similar age. I’ve stopped doing it now because otherwise you get so worked up about them being behind or you worry that they won’t be able to do something, that you forget to enjoy watching them learn, watching them do other things and you make them grow up to quickly!

They will do things when they are ready. Enjoy them being babies!

Rant over!

Mummy Fox xx

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