Mother’s Day 

On Sunday I enjoyed my first Mother’s Day. 

I didn’t have a lie in, I got sicked on, dribbled on, screamed at and I felt ill. But I loved it.

I love Alfie more than words can describe. He was clingy all day, meaning I got lots of cuddles. He has the best daddy, meaning I got some lovely thoughtful presents. Nothing crazy, chocolate, a new mug (from next that I LOVE) and a DVD. Alfie did well out of Mother’s Day too as he got three new vests and a new top! (They were all mummy related!) 

It was perfect. We’d spent the Friday and Saturday with my parents, which was lovely, and then Saturday evening and Sunday with Dan’s. We went to church, played some games and went out for a meal.

My first Mother’s Day was perfect as we spent it with the people that mean the most to us, our families.

I can’t wait until Alfie is big enough to scribble on cards that he’s made or make handmade presents, but this year my best present was him and some lovely cuddles!

I hope all you mummys had a lovely day, and lots of love to my mum and my mum in law to be! You guys are amazing,


Mummy Fox xx

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