What do you do when your baby won’t stop screaming?

This afternoon at church Alfie screamed and would not stop, Dan was taking the confirmation service, and so couldn’t help. I tried everything! He’s teething and got a virus so more fussy than normal, but after trying changing him, feeding him, giving him calpol, giving him Anbesol, distracting him with teething toys, normal toys, singing, swaying, pushing him in the pushchair, taking him into a colder room, I finally got him to stop after twenty minutes and after missing most of the service, by talking to him in a mirror!

A mirror! A floor length mirror in a little room off the main church, was now Alfie’s new favourite thing, and most importantly the thing that kept him quiet… For five minutes!

Screaming commenced yet again, interrupting even more of the service, and I gave up. I strapped him in his pushchair (he is now in his new big boy pushchair seat, that he can sit up in, and more importantly for Alfie, be nosy in!), put his blanket next to him and started to walk him out of church, but then his eyes started to close… RESULT! 

I managed to listen to the end of the service and even have a cup of tea afterwards whilst he slept!

So, how do you do it? How do you get your little one to stop screaming? Most of the time he’s great, but the last few days have been tough for us both. Hopefully he’ll be feeling better soon and he’ll be back to his smiley self!

Mummy Fox xx


3 thoughts on “Screaming, screaming and yet more screaming!”

  1. Aww poor Alfie, it’s so hard being so small. If Izzie’s being really bad I put her in the sling, the security of being so close to Mummy seems to really calm her down. She had colic until 7.5 months, so I really feel for you this morning x

    1. Alfie normally hates the sling, but loved it last week, I would have tried it if we had it with us! It is hard them being small, I feel for you and poor Izzie! xx

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