Six months!

Today my baby is six months old. Half a year. 25 weeks and 6 days old. 181 days.

How did that happen? Everybody tells you it goes fast, well it really does, faster than you could ever imagine!

Today, as we celebrate Alfie’s half birthday, I’m looking back at the six months we’ve been able to share with him.

Alfie’s birthday – 10lb 5oz

Alfie was born on 21st November 2014, he was perfect and, for now, completed our little family. He was big and loud but utterly adorable.

Alfie’s First photoshoot

At 15 days old Alfie had his first photo shoot with Wayne Rowe. Some amazing photos were taken, it’s a shame there wasn’t a photo of Alfie pooping all over Dan, but we’ll be able to treasure them forever!

1 month old – 11lb 20z

Alfie’s first month was jam packed with lots of firsts, including meeting everybody for the first time, mummy’s birthday, a 80th birthday party, a Christingle service, Lucy and James’ wedding, first trips to Manchester, Clay Cross and Wales and baby’s first Christmas! Absolutely chaotic that is for sure. Definitely the start of things to come.

Alfie’s Baby Blessing

Alfie was 9 weeks old when he was blessed by Kim Morris and Sally Norton. It was a lovely day that started with lots of family and close friends joining together for a meal, before heading to Church for Alfie’s special day. We sang together, laughed together and, for some, cried together. Family and friends shared scriptures and stories, and the church building was full of people who had come to offer their support to a very special little boy.

Two months old – 13lb 30z

Alfie’s second month wasn’t as jam packed as his first as we settled into life as a family of three. Me and Alfie went to Coffee Mornings, Natasha and Ashlea’s Baptisms and enjoyed Alfie’s first experience of snow… whilst sitting inside! I’m sure he’ll love it next year!

His second month also included one of the best things Alfie has done, and will continue to do… Smile! The first time I saw his beaming smile I will always remember. It was adorable and so cheeky! Alfie has always smiled with his eyes and that just makes it a million times better.

Three months old – 14lb 14oz

Alfie’s third month started and ended with his first two trips to Dunfield House! One for a Youth Workers training weekend (we are starting him young!) and the other for a family weekend with me and Dan, Nanny and Pops, Nanna and Grandad, Auntys Bash and Anna, Uncles Ed and Matt, Great Nannas Gloria and Beryl, Mama Janice and Great Grandad’s Derek, Malc and Barrie! (Phew! What a list!)

We enjoyed Alfie’s first Tea with the Tweens, daddy being off on half term again and his first trip to London to see some of the Seddon Family!

In Alfie’s third month was the first time mummy left Alfie for the first time to go Wedding Dress Shopping. (Kind of important and made for extra special Daddy and Uncle Stevie time for Alfie!)

That’s okay though because this month Alfie learnt to giggle! Aren’t baby giggles just the most amazing?!

Four months old – 15lb 10oz

Alfie’s fourth month included our first Coventry Mummies meet where Alfie got to meet lots of new babies and his friend George and his mummy Sam! We had a crazy Mothers Day weekend, celebrating Mummy, Nanny and Nanna going to Manchester and Clay Cross. Alfie helped daddy run a Messy Church in Birmingham and even helped Nanny picked her Wedding Dress! That’s a lot of pressure for a four month old you know?!

Alfie’s fourth month saw the day that he finally learnt how to put Sophie the Giraffe (a teething toy) in his mouth on his own!!

Five months old – 17lb 4oz

At five months we had a busy social life (well Alfie did!) Lewis and Charlotte kept up entertained (as always!) We went on our first family holiday, starting at Aunty Anna and Uncle Fatty’s and Nanna and Grandad’s at Easter, before heading off to St David’s with Aunty Katy and Uncle Steve.

I think Alfie would say it was his best holiday ever, and not because it was the only holiday he’d had. We went to Folly Farm and Zoo, the beach, we went out for nice meals, we saw nanny and pops, we had a lovely time! It was also Daddy’s birthday and Alfie loved giving daddy all of his presents. I may have gone a little overboard with buying Dan presents from Alfie… I do not apologise!

We met up some lovely mummies and babies this month, Dawn with Alfie’s first Girlfriend Amelia-Rae, Krystal with Harper and Katie and Sam with their George’s. It has been great for me and Alfie to go out with other mummies and babies and enjoy talking about our little ones and what they are doing, how they are learning and how they are not sleeping! Mainly the not sleeping bit to be honest! I’m sure both me and Alfie have made some great friends that we’ll get to spend lots of time with as they grow up.

As Alfie is getting bigger he is learning more and more new things, this month saw Alfie learning to roll. He has mastered rolling from Front to Back, but is still trying to roll Back to Front. He has done it a handful of times and we are so proud of him! I’m not sure he is impressed with us cheering every time he does it though… Sorry Alfie!

The biggest thing of all to have happened this month is we started weaning! Alfie is absolutely loving his food (Like his mummy and daddy) and we are having great fun watching him try out the different foods and their textures, tastes and smells! You make such a mess though Alfie George!!

Six months old – 18lb 8oz

I can’t really put much in this bit yet, but I’m sure it’ll fill up fast, with the rate that he is learning to do things! Today we took him to the Sea Life Centre in Birmingham and I was amazed with how fascinated he was by it all. He followed the fish with his eyes, tried to grab them (through the glass) and got excited watching them.

Dear Alfie

It is amazing watching you grow up to be the cheeky little boy we know you are going to be. I do wish you would stop growing so quickly (we’ve just had to buy you 9-12month clothes and would like them to fit for a while please!!)

Once you eventually made your dramatic way into this world (I am not going to talk about that forever, yes, get over it!) we could not imagine our lives without you. You are the best thing to happen in every day, even after no sleep. You make me laugh, you make me cry (happy tears), you make me proud and you make me understand the true meaning of love.

I can’t wait to spend the next six months watching you learn, love and grow.

I wouldn’t be Mummy Fox without you.

Happy Half Birthday Alfie George. I love you!

Mummy Fox xx

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