Stropping whilst we are Shopping – The Terrible Twos

Stropping whilst Shopping - The Terrible Twos! links up with BrummyMummyof2 for #WickedWednesdays with Alfie's new strops now that he's nearly two!

The ‘Terrible Twos’ have well and truly hit in our household. Let’s just say the storm is getting stronger and we’ve not got to his 2nd birthday yet!

We were shopping in Matalan and Alfie had Paw Patrol PJs and socks, just as he wanted. But he’d clearly had enough of shopping, or listening to mummy, that he threw himself on the floor. He just lay there shouting “No Mummy, my not grumpy!” If you say so boy…

Wicked Wednesday

As soon as I’d taken the picture, of Alfie laying on the floor, all I could think of was Emma at Brummy Mummy of 2 and how perfect it would be for Wicked Wednesdays. So here we are again with our WW post!

We are experiencing lots of strops from a certain toddler at the moment. I expect it’s going to continue until he becomes a threenager or beyond…

If you’ve not seen a Wicked Wednesday post before search for it on Twitter or Instagram and it’ll make your day I’m sure!

Happy Wicked Wednesday everyone!

Mummy Fox xx

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