Teething troubles

‘Teething is the worst!’ That is what a lot of parents have told me. It was the thing I was least looking forward too.

The symptoms of teething are;

  • red and swollen gums
  • red, flushed cheeks or face
  • heavy drooling
  • gum-rubbing, biting or sucking
  • rubbing her ear on the same side as an erupting tooth

Alfie has had lots of these symptoms since he was 3 months old! We have tried lots of different things to try and relieve these symptoms;

  • Calpol
  • Nurofen
  • Bonjela
  • Teetha
  • Ashton and Parsons

 Alfie eating his hands!

Nothing seemed to work for Alfie until one day at Teacher at Dan’s school asked if we’d tried Calgel, as that was the only thing that had worked for their little one. We thought we may as well give it a try as nothing else had worked and we had nothing to lose.

Could we find it anywhere? No! Tesco sold it, but had none in stock and lots of other shops didn’t even sell it. When we finally did get our hands on some, one of our friends picked some up from a chemist near them, it was like a miracle cure! It actually worked!

At around four and a half months the teething stopped, which was great, but then I recently jinxed it by saying it had stopped and the next day, it magically returned… Red cheeks, chomping on hands, putting anything and everything in his mouth to chomp on, typical!

You can see exactly where his top and bottom front two teeth are going to be as his gums are so white, where the teeth are going to cut through.

So, I’m not convinced that I actually want these teeth to cut through… We are still breastfeeding and, from what I’ve heard, it sounds extremely painful if they bite! Alfie is already a clamper, chomping down and pulling away… That hurts enough as it is!

As good as it will be for him to not be teething, for the small amount of time it will be, I don’t want a biter…

Wish us luck! I’ll be posting a cute first tooth photo/blog when the first one does finally cut through.

Mummy Fox xx

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