The importance of baby friends

A while back I wrote a post on The importance of Mummy Friends and since having Alfie I have really appreciated having mummy friends. Although we now don’t see each other as much, stupid maternity leave not going on forever, we have a Whatsapp group that we constantly use (sorry daddys!) and it’s invaluable for me and Alfie.

It’s now been a few weeks since Alfie saw his little gang of baby friends, Amelia-Rae, George no 1, George no 2, Faye and Erin and he misses them!

His little face lights up when he is around children, however big or small they are, and he has such fun.

 Alfie’s Grandad is a very big kid! 

It is important for Alfie to be around other babies and children. There a few reasons;

  1. It helps him learn. I’m not sure I always like this one. Amelia was the first of the gang to crawl and she definitely taught him to crawl… He’s now getting his own back by teaching her bad tricks like standing and cruising! He loves to copy what you are doing and having bigger children around, he just wants to do what they are doing and it’s amazing to watch.
  2. It will teach him to share. Babies that aren’t around children are not very good at sharing. They are not used to having to share toys and play together. Alfie spends weekdays with his childminder whilst I work and he is around other children and he is learning that he can’t have everything he wants when he wants it. It’s a tough but necessary life lesson!
  3. Hopefully he will grow up with the children he spends time with now and they could be lifelong friends! What would we do without our friends? I know my life would be boring if I didn’t have friends to rely on, the spend time with and to have fun with!
  4. Baby Fox no 2 is not on the cards for a good while yet so he has friends to play with instead!!
  5. His Birthday party would be very boring with just adults there!

Mummy Fox xx

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