The Recovery

I thought we’d never get to this point. I was lay there with Dan holding Alfie next to me.

It was a dream.

He was gorgeous, a little button nose, massive eyes, I could have just eaten him up.

I’ve never had surgery that I’ve been awake for. I’ve only ever been under anaesthetic once, for having a tooth out.

So the caesarean was a strange experience for me. I was shivering when I first sat on the table because it was cold and shivering afterwards, apparently that’s one of the side affects.

It took them about 20 minutes to stitch me up and sort me out and then I had to be moved from the theatre table to the hospital bed. That involved them rolling me from one to the other on a sheet. I was awake and had control of my arms but not my body or legs. I felt like I was falling when they moved me. It was horrible.

Once I was on the bed, I got moved to the adjoining room, the recovery room, where Dan and Alfie were waiting for me. I got to have a proper cuddle and try feeding him.

I had no idea what I was doing! The midwife put him on but he didn’t do anything, he just wanted a cuddle.

The doctor who operated on me came in to let me know everything had gone okay.

“He’s a good weight and the marks will fade in the next day or two”

The marks will fade?! It turns out that Alfie was a bit stuck and they had to use forceps to get him out! Yes, forceps in a c-section! Talk about not wanting to come out.

This is Alfie at a couple of hours old. The marks had pretty much gone the next day!

Not long after Alfie was born we were moved back to the room I had on labour suite. We’d move up to the ward in a couple of hours.

When in the labour room I changed from the hospital gown to some pjs. Who knew you could still move some of your body even though you can’t feel it?! I tried to eat something after not eating for nearly a day, and we made the all important phone calls to let everybody know he was here!

I spoke to my Nanna but wasn’t feeling up to much talking as I still felt a bit funny after the anaesthetic. Everybody was very excited that he’d been born, and his grandparents were looking forward to meeting him later that evening.

I’m glad that we got to spend Alfie’s first hours together as a family of three. It was amazing watching Dan with Alfie. He was already an amazing daddy.

Next blogs will include our first night in hospital, getting out of bed and coming home!

Mummy Fox xx

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