The roller coaster trimester!

After a lovely second trimester the third hit us with an almighty bang!

At 27 weeks I saw the midwife who double and tripled checked my dates after measuring me and me measuring 4 weeks ahead of what I should’ve been! FOUR!!

This led to me having to have a GTT test (a test for gestational diabetes) and a growth scan. That’s where the chaos began!

The growth scan was amazing, you can see so much more at 29 weeks and it’s like they are a proper baby!

The growth scan showed that I had something called Polyhdromnios, which is extra fluid around the baby. The doctors panicked me so much with explaining it;
“If you waters go, call an ambulance you need to be here within 10 minutes!”
“If you could into labour your waters could go and baby could spin around and get caught in the cord!”
“Any problems at all you need to come in, with blue flashing lights!”
ARGHHH madness! Lots of discussion followed with them telling me i needed twice weekly monitoring, clinic fortnightly, the possibility of being induced or having a c section!
All to be followed by, the waters REDUCING!

So all of that for nothing!


Mummy Fox xx

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