Top tips for Disneyland Paris with a toddler!

Mummy Fox's top tips for going to Disneyland Paris with a toddler. What you need to do before you go and whilst you are there to have the best time!

Disneyland Paris is magical.

It is one of my favourite places even though I’ve only been a handful of times. We went in the summer (2016) for our Honeymoon and, although we knew we were going to have a wonderful time, it was daunting taking a toddler.

So here are my top tips for taking a toddler to Disneyland Paris.

Top tips before travelling

  • Plan your budget around your meal plan

    Disneyland Paris is expensive. The costs can very quickly spiral out of control. The best thing to do is plan your budget around your meal plan and then do the below!*Please note that the Disneyland Paris Meal Plans are changing so please check on the website or direct with them before booking!*

    Nobody wants a grumpy, hungry toddler do they?!

  • Book restaurants in advance

    This is something we didn’t do, but I wish we had. Lunchtime became manic and it was hard work. We ended up just stopping at the first place we saw to eat, because we were hungry. It makes more sense with some of the meal plans, if you book too.

    If you have the opportunity I’d definitely book to eat in a restaurant with Disney Characters around. It’s an amazing experience that’s even fun for the big kids!

    Again, nobody wants a grumpy, hungry toddler do they?!

  • Check the weather forecast

    Checking the weather seems like something you would do already, however I didn’t check properly and some days it was boiling! I wish I’d packed more shorts and t-shirts for me and for Alfie! It was, however, quite cold on the evening we stayed for the Disney Dreams show, so pack wisely. I also went in January and nearly froze to death…

Top tips whilst at the parks

  • Take an iPad or Tablet

    Taking an iPad or a tablet may seem like a controversial tip from me. However, we went to Disneyland Paris in the height of the summer, in the school holidays and the queues were horrendous. Taking a tablet with pre-downloaded films or programmes on will be a life saver whilst you are queuing! There are lots of times where you will have to queue or wait around.

  • Take lots of snacks and drinks

    Obviously there are hundreds of places selling a whole variety of food and drink. It is expensive though. If you’ve not budgeted for it, it mounts up. We found that it was MUCH cheaper to buy, a large bottle of water and a packet of crisps, from the shop at the train station (just by the Disney Village). It saved us a small fortune. It was also where I got my chocolate fix…

    Bribes may be needed to avoid toddler tantrums!

  • Plan what shows/events you want to attend

    Disneyland Paris is full of parades, events, character meets to stunt shows in the Disney Studios. If you swat up on what’s on the night before you can plan you day out better. On the plus side, nothing gets missed that way and everybody gets to do what they want.

    To watch the 5.30pm parade and get a good place to stand and watch it you will need to stand in place from about 4/4.30pm! So take activities for them to do whilst your waiting!

  • Extra Magic Hours

    If you stay at a Disney Hotel you will get Extra Magic Hours. These are well worth looking at, especially if you want to meet characters around the park. The queues will be much shorter in these times! It’s all about queue control with a toddler!

  • Check the waiting times on the app

    I really wish I’d downloaded the app and had internet for me to do this. I think it would help massively without walking to a ride and being disappointed with its 60 minute wait.

  • Take/hire a pushchair

    It does not matter how long your toddler has been walking for, they will, at some point, give in and want to be carried. I don’t know about you but the last thing I want to do is carry them round a theme park all day… You can hire pushchair/trolley things or take your own. We took our Mamas and Papas Armadillo pushchair and it was perfect as Alfie could nap in it, but it was lightweight and compact too. It’s seriously worth thinking about…

  • Use the Baby Switch option

    Disneyland Paris give the option on most rides to “Baby Switch”. No, that doesn’t mean that you can swap your baby for another one… It means that you and your partner/friend/other adult queue for the ride and one of you goes on first and then you switch babysitting duties!

Things to do after you’ve left Disneyland Paris

  • Keep the Disney magic going
  • Print off the one million photos you took and book your next trip…

Mummy Fox xx

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