When your baby gets a rash…

So after a day or two of screaming and us thinking it was teething, we were quite alarmed that we stripped Alfie off last night to find a rash!

For those without kids, the two words you don’t want to see together, without panicking that something major is wrong, are baby and rash! Even if you’re sure it’s nothing major you still worry like hell.

We took his temperature and rang 111. The call handler said she’d get a nurse to ring us back ASAP, which she did. Alfie screamed the house down for the first couple of minutes of the phone call and the nurse wasn’t happy with his cry and got us an appointment at 11.25pm at the local hospital out of hours service!

This was two hours later and when it came around to it Alfie was fast asleep! Never wake a sleeping baby was going around in my head, but we needed to get him checked over.

After quite a long wait (we didn’t get home until after 1, and the hospital is 10 minutes away) we saw a lovely doctor who Alfie smiled and giggled at like there was nothing wrong, why does the boy have the knack of doing that?! (I’ll explain in my third trimester blog when I get to it!)

The doctor said it was a viral rash and told us what was best to do, how Alfie will probably be over the next few days and to keep an eye on his temperature.


MASSIVE weight lifted off our shoulders!

A viral infection and teething… How cruel though.

Alfie seems to be okay this morning, he’s got up and fed, although he struggled due to having a blocked nose, but I got some smiles that I definitely missed yesterday.

I’ll be spending the day cuddling my boy and letting Nanna help us out and have cuddles too. Oh and we are very excited for some special visitors tonight…

Uncle Stevie and Aunty Katy!

Mummy Fox xx



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