When your baby needs feeding…

I breastfeed Alfie. I have done since day one and will continue to do so until it feels like the right time to stop. That may be when he gets teeth, (although that may be soon the way he is teething) it may be when we start weaning him, when he gets to six months, when I go back to work, who knows?

I like breastfeeding, I know Alfie is getting what he wants when he wants it, it’s what I think is best for him and it has created a lovely bond between us and we get quality cuddly feeding times!

However, it’s not for everyone. We had a tough few days to begin with and I very nearly gave in!

He wanted more! Not surprising for a big baby – 10lb 5oz! The Colostrum was not enough for him, this lead to him chewing on my nipples, making them cracked and sore, making me want to give up. Every feed was horrendous, i dreaded feeding him, I would cry in pain and he would cry in hunger. 

I saw a midwife in the hospital about feeding and him latching on properly, she was horrible! She was unhelpful and made me feel ten times worse!

Dan was the only person who kept me going as I wanted to give up there and then.

Luckily with his support and a fantastic community midwife who helped, I kept at it. My milk came in quickly, if it had been any longer who knows whether we’d be doing it now?

When we got home we had a breastfeeding support worker come out to help us. She told me I should’ve been feeding Alfie every 2 hours not the 3/4 he was doing. She showed me a feeding position that way lying down on the bed… Very helpful when for when we are out and about… After seeing us feeding the only positive thing I can say about her visit was that she assured me that I had a good milk flow and that Alfie was getting what he needed. She was then happy with him feeding every 3/4 hours! 

We went out at 6 days old and I breastfed for the first time in public. I didn’t realise that’s what I done until afterwards, so I obviously wasn’t bothered about it! In Alfie’s first few months this article came out…


So, here’s my opinion, yes my opinion, so you don’t have to agree, and quite frankly I don’t care if you agree or disagree, but this is what I think!

I’m all for breastfeeding in public. However, there are ways to do it that don’t require you covering your babies face, or you having your boobs out for the world to see! There are lots of. Try clever tops and dresses out there that make breastfeeding easier and discreet! If your baby was hungry and you bottle fed you wouldn’t go and sit in a corner or put a blanket on there face… So why would you if you are breastfeeding?!

Yesterday, me and Alfie went out with some friends, he needed feeding and I fed him whilst out and about, even whilst walking around the shop, but discreetly!

The friend I was out with has a 10 year old. She is fab and loves Alfie to bits. One day when we saw her she wanted to hold Alfie. I told her she couldn’t right now, but could later, she asked me why? I was feeding. “Feeding? How? You can’t even tell!” Point made.

The divide between breastfeeding and bottle feeding is big and getting bigger. Why? Your baby needs feeding. Feed them. Don’t fight over how you do it. Just do it.

Off to feed a hungry baby now!

Look you can’t see anything!


Mummy Fox xx


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