Why I Let Alfie Tantrum

Alfie is 2. He is a typical terrible two year old. He has tantrums, and lots of them. I will let him tantrum. Why wouldn't I?

Alfie is nearly two. I’m told that “the terrible twos are coming!” The terrible twos are already here, let me tell you!

Alfie has mastered the terrible two strop of throwing himself on the floor crying. Normally for no particular reason, or if he doesn’t get what he wants. He is a master at throwing himself nicely and putting on some pretty convincing waterworks. He is also getting much better at going weak at the knees so he can fall to the floor and wriggling his hands so much that you can no longer hold his hand…

Reason’s for a tantrum

Examples of said throwing on floor, or crying for no reason, terrible two strops just from today:

  • I asked him to sit down whilst waiting for his pain au chocolate in Gregg’s
  • Asking him to eat the above pain au chocolate
  • He wanted to leave Gregg’s
  • I wanted him to walk around the shop he said he wanted to walk around
  • I asked him to walk to the park that he wanted to walk to
  • He wanted to walk to the shop at Charlecote Park for Ice Cream
  • We asked him to not throw bubble mixture on the floor
  • We wanted him to move away from the river
  • I wanted to get back to the car to go home
  • Dan told him to get in his high chair for the dinner he wanted
  • I told him it was bedtime

You know that it has gotten a bit ridiculous when it takes you fifteen minutes to move all of about one hundred yards of a field on your way to get an ice cream… Who doesn’t want an ice cream?! Are you serious child?


Normally Alfie will have a strop at home, but today he did what I would’ve said beforehand was my worst parenting nightmare. He had a full on strop in Gregg’s he threw himself on the floor by our table, leaving just enough space for people to get past him. He lay there on his belly waving his arms and legs and I laughed.

I laughed so much that I had to look away. It was hilarious.

I wanted to leave him there because he was being silly and he needed to know that I didn’t care if that was his reaction, he wasn’t able to do that and then get what he wanted.

What do you do when your little ones have a tantrum in public? Obviously it could get to the point when it is really inconvenient when you are in a rush or they get in the way of other people, and I know I’m lucky that hasn’t happened yet. But I really do want to leave him and show him that it is not getting a reaction from me (okay he won’t when I learn to not laugh at him!) in the hope he gets bored with it quickly.

Somebody please tell me if this is a ridiculous thing to do!

I would LOVE to read your stories on the best things your littlies do when they have a tantrum and why they tantrum in the first place, so do let me know. Whilst your waiting I’ll leave you with this video of Alfie’s throwing on the floor strop at Charlecote Park this afternoon…

  1. Alfie Tantrum


Mummy Fox xx

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