World Book Day: What’s Alfie reading?

World Book Day is Thursday 2nd March 2017 this year. Alfie is too young to understand what it is all about, but he LOVES reading. These are his favourites

World Book Day 2017

Happy World Book Day!

Although Alfie is only two he is a massive book-worm, he just loves books. I can’t say I am massively surprised as when I had my baby shower guests were asked to bring a book for when Alfie was older. Lots of people wrote messages in books that Alfie will love when he can read I’m sure!

He always has been interested in books. Even when he was much younger he’d play with the thicker baby books. He’s still got one of those now, Dinosaur friends, that we’ve read to him so much he can recite it himself! I don’t think he’s that advanced and can actually read it just yet, his memory amazes me though!

We recently made space under the stairs that is going to be the story corner. It will have an arm chair and a smaller chair. So Alfie can sit with me and Dan, or anybody he drags to it, and read stories. I think that we’ll have a nice cuddle and special times sat there reading together.

Dressing Up

Are your kids dressing up for World Book Day? Luckily, from what I’ve read from some other mums and bloggers, Alfie is a bit too young to understand and he isn’t at school. Therefore no manic, panic buying an outfit for World Book Day dressing up or trying to make him one that looks nothing like it’s supposed too!

Favourite Books

‘The little boy who lost his name’. This book was a Christmas present for Alfie from my sister, his Aunty Bash. It is such a gorgeous book with a lovely dedication inside it. If you’ve not seen or heard of these books, then you need to check them out. They can be personalised and they’d make a great present!

One of my favourite books of Alfie’s is ‘Thank you for looking after our pets’. As you can see the cover is so bright and colourful and you are instantly drawn to it. It is a lovely story too, what more could you want?

As much as I would love to say that we only have books with lovely messages told in them, it’s not true. We also have books that help him learn to count and we also have books that are from Peppa Pig and Paw Patrol episodes. If I’m honest they are probably his favourite ones too!

Where we buy Alfie’s books

Between myself, Dan and Alfie we have hundreds of books. I’m not exaggerating. Some are bought as presents, some I pick up whilst doing the shopping and others are from charity shops or book stalls.

When it comes to children’s books one of my favourite places to go is The Works. They have a great selection of books at an absolute bargain price. Often you will find offers on them, recently they had 10 books for £10. £1 you can’t go wrong with that!

Bedtime stories

We, more often that not, try to read Alfie a story at bedtime. It’s a nice and quiet time for us to sit with him and read a book. Well, unless he picks the tickle monster book or the Thomas one that has buttons you press to make noises… If there is one thing I would tell new parents to do, it would be to read your children a story every night. It doesn’t matter if people tell you they are too young. They are never too young!

I often find that Children’s books have so much meaning to them and could definitely be stories for grown ups. Well, stories that will make you cry… They always have such lovely meanings behind them!

What stories are your little ones reading? What would you recommend?

Mummy Fox xx

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