Doing the deed after having a baby!

So, I was trying to write to catch up to Baby Fox being three months old… But I have soon realised that won’t work as I have soo many things I want to blog about now!

So I scrapped that idea and have come to this blog post first!

My best friend was my rock throughout my pregnancy, not that my fiancé wasn’t… But she just wanted to know everything and was just as excited and scared as we were! She now loves Baby Fox just as much as we do too!

So, whenever she sees something I would like, or would find funny, that’s mummy/baby related I get a text. Normally it’s something Dan isn’t interested in, but tonight it was.
She sent me this link…

We laughed out loud in asda cafe and made a pact (read the article and you’ll understand!)

Any tips on finding/making time for your partner when you have a baby are definitely welcome, as we could totally relate to the article!

We somehow managed to have a date night without Alfie for a couple of hours last night but no where near home and we both missed him so much! How do you do it?!

Mummy Fox xx

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