Things you can’t do when you’ve got a baby

All I heard when I was pregnant was, you can’t do this and you can’t do that! Well, they don’t tell you about the things you can’t do when you have a baby do they?!

My list of things you won’t be able to do whilst you’ve got a baby;

  1. Go to the toilet alone – never again it would be seem. I end up taking Alfie up with me and sitting him in his baby bath! So as soon as Dan comes home I go to the loo in peace! 
  2. Eat. Meal times are never when they are supposed to be. I’m lucky if I get breakfast at Alfie’s nap time at 1pm! 
  3. Have a lovely lie in. Said no parent ever! 5, 6, 7am whichever your baby prefers, is your new lie in time. Yes, even after being up ten times in the night…
  4. Watch your favourite TV programme. Well, this one, like 1 and 2, you can do once your little one has gone to bed. But you must avoid Facebook, Twitter and any other social media site that is going to spoil that important ending to the serial drama you’ve been watching… You’ll be devastated otherwise!
  5. Enjoy the comfort of your own bed. Undoubtably at some point you will have a little one sleeping sideways kicking you out of your own bed. There goes that comfort and good night sleep! 
  6. Get out of the house in 30 seconds. Pre baby, if you were in a rush, I bet you could get out of the house in thirty seconds? Keys, phone, wallet? Check? Go! Erm, well not anymore! Baby, changing bag, nappies, wipes, milk/snacks, change of clothes, toys, pushchair, blanket, rain cover… The list of baby things is endless! It takes me at least ten minutes to make sure we have everything and get Alfie in the pushchair to get out of the house. We nearly always leave it too late and miss the bus! 
  7. Enjoy Date nights. On the odd occasion you manage to get a babysitter, your conversation is plagued by baby talk or the new things your baby has done that week, or you spend the night checking they are okay. Come on admit it, we’ve all done it!! There is then the occasions where you are totally mad and take yor baby with you… Regretting it later and wishing you’d ordered a take away when they were in bed! Who said romance was dead hey?! 
  8. Go shopping without buying something for your baby! It’s impossible. Honestly. Don’t try it. You’ll fail. Miserably! 
  9. Blog. Well, not whilst your little one is awake anyway! I’m currently writing this on the bus home and whilst Alfie is having a little snooze… Ahhh peace!

The list could go on and on. But I think I’ll stop there! Leave me a comment with the things that you now can’t do now you’ve got a baby… Or children for that matter! I need to know what I’ve let myself in for!

Mummy Fox! xx

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