Eli at Eight Months Old

Eli is eight months old. Sharing an update on what he weighs, what he likes and any milestones he has hit in this eighth month.

Last weekend Eli turned eight months old! This is his eight month update.


At six months old Eli weighed 19lb 12oz and at eight months old he weighs 21lb 9oz! He is sitting nicely on the 91st centile.


We are in dipping in to 12-18 month clothes now. He is so long in the body that some clothes are just not big enough, but then sleepsuits are far too long on the leg! And yes, every shop does differ. It makes it a fun game for us to play called ‘pick the size’…

Day and Night Time

It’s becoming a bit of a sore subject in our house sleep is. Or the lack of sleep! We’ve even moved him from the Next2Me crib to his cot to see if that would help, but it hasn’t. If you have any magical solutions please let me know. This mama needs some sleep!


We have breakthrough! Well, we’ve had four breakthrough’s actually! Within the space of a week he had two top teeth and two bottom teeth. I mean, talk about efficiency. That’s definitely the way to do it. Look how big, sparkly and white they are!

Play Time

We had a bit of a sort through some toys recently so Eli has got some *new ones to play with. *Definitely not new, definitely Alfie’s, we don’t need any more toys in our house that’s for sure!

We did buy a new ball pool for him to play in. However, he favourite thing to do is crawl out of it!

On the move

Yes. Eli is on the move. He is crawling!

Well, I say crawling what I mean is moving around the floor whilst putting in the least effort possible. He moves pretty fast but his belly is on the floor all the time. It’s like commando crawling! He’s also decided that this month crawling wasn’t enough. So he’s started to pull himself up to standing!


Well, this is one I’d not thought about putting in his update, at least not for a while. However, Eli had other ideas and has said his first two words. “Hiya” and “Dada”. Dan would claim that he said Dada first, I’m definitely going with hiya!

Given he is such a mummy’s boy I was hoping it would be mama, but no everything is dadada…


Eli is still doing really well with his weaning. He’ll try everything, which is great. But, if that food is not in his hand quick enough boy do we know about it! His favourite foods are oranges, biscuits and toasted tea cakes!

Milestones and ‘Firsts’

The first few months are always full of milestones. Eli has had lots of firsts this month though:

  • First Swimming Lesson!
  • First tooth
  • First time in a swing
  • Learning to crawl
  • First time sitting up in a shopping trolley
  • First night in his cot
  • First trip in an ambulance (He is absolutely fine, but needed to be checked over in A&E because of his breathing!)

Mummy Fox loves

Now Eli is eight months old I’m loving that he’s able to move a bit. He is now able to get the toys he wants to play with. I’m also loving that we have started swimming lessons. We go every Friday for half an hour and my goodness does this kid love to splash!

If you haven’t seen Eli’s seven month update you can have a look at that here.

Mummy Fox

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