Eli at Four Months Old

Eli is four months old. Sharing an update on what he weighs, what he likes and any milestones he has hit in this fourth month.

Today Eli turned four months old! This is his four month update.


At three months Eli weighed 14lb 13oz. Now, at four months old, he weighs 16lb 10oz! He’s slowly creeping up the centiles having gone from just under the 75th centile to just over it.


So last month saw Eli fit nicely in 3-6 months. This week we are getting 6-9 month clothes out of the loft! His 3-6 are very snug in the leg, already. I mean what is this boy being fed?!

We still mainly put him in sleepsuits, I think I’m holding on to the baby stage as much as possible. He is only four months old but he’ll be four years old before I know it.

Day and Night Time

We had a few 7 hour stretches and then BAM no sleep. The last two weeks have been pretty rough. I’ve seen most hours of most days and boy is it taking it’s toll on the two of us! I think it’s been a combination of teething and him being under the weather… again!

He’s getting better at napping in the day. But sometimes he will get VERY over tired. I’ve taken to putting him in the sling and popping it over his head a little and he instantly falls asleep. It’s magic!


If you read this monthly you’ll see that teeth has been added… that’s because Eli has started teething! Yes, already. Not only is he teething but his two bottom teeth are so close to cutting already. His gums are really hard and you can see where the teeth are going to come through. He is chomping on his head and the drool is constant. Fun times ahead!

Play Time

We’ve bought a new mat for Eli to play on. He’s really trying to roll now so he needed something other than the changing mat to try it on. He has rolled from front to back a handful of times though. He gets stuck on his side trying to go from back to front though. I blame those huge thighs!

Milestones and ‘Firsts’

The first few months are always full of milestones. Eli has had lots of firsts:

  • First trip on the train
  • First giggle
  • Rolling
  • Teething

Mummy Fox loves

I’m loving that Eli beams every time I walk in the room. He sees my face all day every day yet if I leave the room and come back his smile is huge!

If you haven’t seen Eli’s three month update you can have a look at that here.

Mummy Fox

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