Eli at One Month Old

Eli is one month old. Sharing an update on what he weighs, what he likes and any milestones he has hit in this first month.

Eli turned one month old on Tuesday 13th March and, I know it’s stereotypical but, it has flown by. But we have also had a lot happen in these first four weeks! How I’m only a couple of days late with this I’ll never know, life with a newborn and a toddler is a whole new dynamic to get used to.


Eli was 8lb 4oz born and was last weighed at 3 weeks and weighed 8lb 14 1/2oz. I’m hoping that now he has had his tongue tie cut we can really get into a routine with breastfeeding. He needs to be putting on weight to get some rolls on him. All baby’s need rolls…


After having Alfie, and him being 10lb 5oz, Eli is considerably smaller. So, although we had kept everything from Alfie, most of his clothes were too big. We went out and bought some first size (up to 9lb sleep suits) and he’s wearing some 0-3 months. Well, the ones that don’t drown him anyway. The first size clothes are very snug now though.

There is still that frustrating thing of all shop sizes varying hugely. So some things fit perfectly and others bury him!

Day and Night Time

We seem to be the wrong way round a bit. Eli seems to think that day is night and vice versa. So that means lots of sleeping in the day and not so good at sleeping at night.

He did tease us with one night of only waking once and having a four hour stretch though! It happened to be Mother’s Day too, which was a lovely present. However it does mean we know he can do it. I know he’s only small still, so I’m not too worried about never getting any sleep.

Day times are filled with lots of feeding and lots of naps. I do sometimes feel like I’m a cow being milked…

Play Time

Eli is still a bit young to be playing yet. But Alfie loves to read a baby book to him and have a splash in the bath!

Milestones and ‘Firsts’

The first few months are always full of milestones. Eli has had lots of firsts:

  • Walk in the pushchair
  • Bath and first bath with his brother!
  • Snow
  • Photo shoot
  • First time in his sling

He is also getting really good at holding his head up and had his tongue tie cut.

Unfortunately we’ve also had a few firsts that I would have liked him not to have. These include his first trip to the doctors. He’s had not very nice nappy rash which needed some stronger cream and a check up afterwards.

He also has his first cold! He’s very congested and struggling to feed. He can thank daddy and his big brother for those germs…

Mummy Fox loves

I’m loving Eli’s windy smiles, the fact that he still likes being cuddled up with his ‘froggy legs’, cuddles in his sling and his curl on the front of his hairline.

Eli’s first few weeks have been amazing. I’ve enjoyed the best cuddles with him and I’m definitely taking it all in more this time.

He’s already changing so much!

Mummy Fox xx

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