The Fox Boys – April 2018

The Fox Boys in April - The Siblings Project for the second month with the Boys. A post with pictures of what the two of them having been doing this month.

So here we are with one whole month after my first siblings project post with my Fox Boys.

We’ve just had two amazing weeks as a family. Thank you Easter Holidays! The amazing thing was watching these two squishballs together. As Eli is growing, so is their relationship.

Every morning Alfie comes in to our bedroom and asks if he can kiss and cuddle Eli. Eli then gets the pleasure of a head squish (a cuddle) and the biggest, sloppiest kiss you’ve ever seen.

Eli started to smile recently and, as predicted, Alfie gets the biggest smiles. He doesn’t even have to work to get them like we do. Eli just beams at him.

Things the boys have enjoyed

  • Storytime in Alfie’s bed
  • Playing ‘Spiderman’ aka Alfie using Eli’s head as a playground for his Spiderman toys
  • Bathtimes
  • Walks in the park
  • Taking Eli’s milestone photos with Alfie’s toys (Pop over to Instagram to have a look!)

This months photos were taken on this gorgeous ‘into the woods’ swaddle blanket from Little Blue Nest Baby.

They have foxes on them so they were always going to be a winner in this house, plus they make the perfect backdrop.

I think we’ll have to take monthly photos on them just to see how much they grow. The boys seem to love the camera when they are posing it together too.

I can’t quite believe how much Eli is starting to look like Alfie at a similar age. I’m not sure I’ll know who is who, in a few years time, when we look back at photos. Do you have siblings that look like each other?

Mummy Fox

The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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