The Fox Boys – August 2018

The Fox Boys in August - The Siblings Project for the sixth month with the Boys. A post with pictures of what the two of them having been doing this month.

So here we are again with my Fox Boys August siblings post. You can have a read of July’s post here.

August was a month of the boys being together all the time. I think at times it definitely got a bit much for them both, but they got so much closer too.

Alfie has really made an effort to stop playing by himself and sit and play with Eli too. Eli will stop squealing when he sees Alfie and absolutely beams.

Things the boys enjoyed in August

  • Even more sunshine
  • The Summer Holidays off together
  • Our Pembrokeshire Holiday
  • The Sea Life Centre and Folly Farm
  • Taking Eli’s milestone photos with Alfie’s toys (Pop over to Instagram to have a look!)

We’ve had days out at the Farm, the beach and lazy days at home. Alfie is starting to want to be more involved with Eli as he’s getting bigger. Now he is weaning Alfie wants to feed him.

Now Eli can sit up Alfie wants to sit with him in his toy car. Unfortunately for Alfie whilst he’s playing on the Wii U Eli also wants to play and that means him hitting the game pad. I think it may be a while before they’ll be playing it together. Although nothing would surprise me with these Fox boys!

The Fox boys in August photos may not be the best quality but they are some of my favourite! You can see Eli’s cheeky side and maybe the start of things to come and him getting the upper hand?

Mummy Fox

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