Christmas Traditions: Doing things differently

Christmas Series: Christmas Traditions come in all shapes and sizes. Some families are religious in what they do and others are spur of the moment!

Christmas traditions are something that lots of families have. They come in all shapes and sizes. But it is also something that lots of families don’t do, or something that is done very differently.

I remember growing up, when I still lived at home with my parents, doing the same things on Christmas Day. We’d get up early in the morning and open presents. This took a good few hours! Then we would enjoy some of our Christmas chocolate for breakfast, no matter how many times my parents would tell us to have something more substantial!

Bacon butty’s would come around 11am and we’d fight for the shower whilst the others played with presents. Dinner was generally after 3pm and we’d either have it at home or at my Grandparents. Christmas pudding would come much later on as we’d all be stuffed and there would inevitably be some sort of family argument! But that was our Christmas. Is this the same in your house? Or are we the only ones that argue at some point on Christmas Day?

Since I started going out with Dan things have changed. I had somebody else I wanted to feature in my Christmases. Us getting married and Alfie coming along as made that even more certain!

We now want to have our Christmases together, but we have to split our time between both families. The fairest way to do it is to alternate each year. However that doesn’t always work with seeing extended families!

This year we are having Christmas at Dan’s parents and New Year with mine. Dan’s mum and Dad have never had Christmas in their house, so it’s going to be a year of firsts all round. I’ll have to fill you all in afterwards with what we get up too!

Starting Christmas Traditions with Alfie

Our perspective on Christmas has changed massively since Alfie was born. It is no longer about us, it’s all about him. I want to make Christmas a magical time of the year. One that he looks forward to and one that he can treasure the memories of!

How are we going to do that? Well I didn’t have too many traditions to carry forward to be honest. We always managed to persuade mum to let us open one present on Christmas Eve and I think I’ll be able to twist Dan’s arm with that one, but that is it! I may be a bit of a Scrooge and make it PJ’s though…

The one thing we do have is a Christmas Eve plate. The plate was made for Alfie, his baby friends have matching ones, that we put a mince pie, carrot and a drink on for Father Christmas. We will definitely carry this one on! However, I would love to start some new Christmas traditions with him.

What do you do? Do you have traditions you’ve started with your children that you do every year? How do you make Christmas magical in your house?

Merry Christmas!

Love, Mummy Fox xx

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