Fox Family Time #3

Whilst my blog was having a bit of a refurb I missed out on my Fox Family Time series post, so I’m catching up so here is #3! Fox Family Time #3 was a actually just a weekend of us doing random things, we didn’t venture out very far and we didn’t do anything extravagant but we had lots of fun!


We went out to do Dobbies Garden Centre for lunch and a window shop which made me want to bake. So I decided I’d make some cakes with Alfie for the first time. It was an interesting experience.

I love baking, I always have, but baking with a toddler is in a whole different league and it brought out an OCD side of me I’ve never seen…

I didn’t like the mess on the table, I didn’t like the flour not staying in the bowl and I definitely didn’t like the dusty finger prints on my sofa! But none of that matters because it was amazing seeing his little face light up and spend the time with him.

He loved mixing and trying to add the different ingredients to the bowl. I’ve never seen him so happy with a bowl and a wooden spoon. Oh wait, he was happier when he was demolishing the little cakes we made. I will definitely bake with Alfie again as he loved it.

We did cheat a little bit and we used two box mixes, which for little people is good as we got a Good Dinosaur box and a Star Wars one so he could put the paper toppings on.

Sunset Photos

We had then had an evening of us having fun in a random field with a camera, whilst the sun was setting! There wasn’t anything fancy, there were no toys, no money was spent, it was just good old fashioned quality time together. (Okay if you don’t count the camera or the iPhone for taking photos!)

We drove around trying to find a field that we could let Alfie run around in that had the sun setting in the background. It was actually a lot harder than you’d think! The first place we stopped at was by a lovely body of water that would’ve been perfect… but there were trees in the way of the sun!

We then carried on driving around as the sun was getting lower and lower thinking that our idea of some cute photos would have to wait. We then saw the perfect place, pulled over and let Alfie run free.

He had such fun chasing daddy and laughing at me climbing over the fence. He loved running from one of us to the other and was thrown up and down in the air, numerous times, to his delight.

It still amazes me that whenever Alfie is happy we are happy. No matter what else is going on, all we need is that little boy to smile and it makes our day.

It was nice to get some better quality photos of Alfie, all we needed was somebody to take photos of the three of us together. Maybe I need a tripod on my Christmas list…

What have you all been up to this week with your families?

Mummy Fox

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