The Me and Mine Project – April 2018

April 2018's Me and Mine Project from the Fox Family. An insight into the month we have had and some family photos that have been captured.

This month’s photos were taken VERY last minute. It got to the 30th April and I remembered that we had absolutely nothing for this month’s post. So we headed out to the park with the camera. The sun was shining after all so we had to make the most of it!

Hartshill Hayes is quickly becoming the place to take family photos. It has such a lovely backdrop. They recently added some bird feeder tables in and they are the perfect height instead of a tripod!

Alfie was absolutely hilarious whilst we were taking them, he loved that he could press the button to take the photo before running back in time.

This month has flown by. The first few weeks Dan was off work as it was the Easter Holidays and then because he was poorly. We had family stay with us, days out, birthdays, birthdays and even more birthdays and we started work on our kitchen.

It has been a bit crazy!

April 2018

This month Amy’s loving:

  • School Holidays
  • The Sun! Yes, that yellow thing in the sky
  • Better nights sleep
  • Ordering a new oven!

This month Dan’s loving:

  • His 26th Birthday!
  • BBQ’s in the garden
  • Having Family over and playing board games
  • Feeling better after being poorly

This month Alfie’s loving:

  • Playing Nintendoland on the Wii U
  • Going to Drayton Manor
  • Having dinner at the garden table
  • His new Fox coat
  • Birthday parties

This month Eli’s loving:

  • Sitting in the sun
  • His playmat
  • Watching Daddy and Alfie on the Wii U
  • Going on the Carousel ride at Drayton Manor

Who else has pigged out on chocolate this month? I’ve not, but Dan and Alfie most definitely have. We’ll still have Easter eggs left at Christmas at this rate…

Here’s to May’s bank holidays, having more family time and another school holiday!

Mummy Fox

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