The Me and Mine Project – September 2018

September 2018 's Me and Mine Project from the Fox Family. An insight into the month we have had and some family photos that have been captured.

September 2018 ‘s me and mine photos are some that we absolutely adore. Last weekend we had a photo shoot with Wayne and Linda at Wayne Rowe Photography and my gosh did they manage to capture some amazing shots!

We had an outdoor shoot when Alfie was just a bit older than Eli is now and it was something we knew we wanted to do again. I think I’m set for life for Instagram photos!

This month has been pretty much how we expected it to be. Chaotic. Back to school and trying to get back to some kind of normality always is chaos. New routines, catching up on jobs, no tornado threenager in the house all day…

This month Amy’s loving:

  • Hitting target at Slimming World!
  • Taking Eli for his first swimming lesson
  • Celebrating with Louise at her Hen Do and Wedding
  • Running around Hardwick with Alfie at our photo shoot

This month Dan’s loving:

  • Having an Eli Daddy day
  • Being silly at the photo shoot
  • Watching Alfie feed Eli his dinner
  • Spending the day with Amy at the Wedding

This month Alfie’s loving:

  • Getting two swimming badges
  • Moving up swimming groups
  • Going to Dunfield House with Nana and Grandad
  • Going to three different parks in one day with Daddy and Eli

This month Eli’s loving:

  • Demolishing anything and everything that he can eat
  • Splashing at his first swimming lesson – aka trying to eat the rubber duck
  • His first try of a McFlurry (On Daddy’s watch…)
  • Cutting his first four teeth! Hmm, well, maybe not loving it!

Unfortunately we haven’t had the best end to the month. Both Eli and Alfie have been poorly. We’ve had numerous trips to the doctors, out of hours and the hospital and very little sleep. The change in the weather has been nice as we love Autumn, going for walks in our wellies and kicking leaves, but not for the colds it gives us!

Yet again we have a photo of me looking ridiculous. Dan and Eli didn’t get the silly face memo… Or they were sensible and chose not to join in! October’s photos are going to have a lot to live up to that’s for sure!

Mummy Fox

You can have a nosy at some of Wayne’s other work here.

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