Our Peppa Pig and Paulton’s Park Adventures!

Our adventures at Peppa Pig World and Paulton's Park. We had a fantastic time and it was the perfect family break. Lots of thrills and fun!

After our trip to Disneyland where Alfie became obsessed with Peppa Pig. We downloaded Peppa Pig videos onto the iPad for him to watch whilst we were flying, on the coach transfer, waiting in ridiculous queues etc and he loved it!

So when we got back we decided to have a look at a trip to Peppa Pig World at Paulton’s Park near the New Forest, Hampshire. Check out their website here. They offer day tickets or mini breaks in nearby hotels. We decided we’d go for One night, Two days, which worked well as they currently offer a 2 for 1 promotion if you book a break!

We took our friends daughter, Charlotte, 11, with us for the mini-break too, and on the first day Nanny and Aunty Bash came and we met up with a friend who had two little girls, one a similar age to Alfie and the other was 3, so we had a massive age range to cover and hope that everyone enjoyed it!

Paulton’s Park is a family friendly theme park, it has rides and attractions including roller coasters, a log flume, a splash park, birds and animals, gardens and of course Peppa Pig World! Peppa’s Themes Park has 7 fun rides and characters you can meet.

Peppa Pig World

Alfie’s little eyes lit up as soon as we arrived into the Peppa Pig section at Paulton’s. There is a big Peppa Pig sign as you arrive and just behind that you could see Grandpa Pig!

There are a good few little rides in PPW. The rides include;

  • George’s Dinosaur Adventure
  • Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride
  • Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Flight
  • Grandpa Pig’s Train Ride
  • Daddy Pig’s Car Ride

There is a also a small splash park, Mr Potato’s outdoor adventure park, Peppa Pig’s House and Peppa’s Toy Shop for the little ones to enjoy.

Our favourite ride was the Dinosaur ride. Alfie LOVED it and so did the big kids too. It’s great to go around and see the characters and him point them out to us. The dinosaur bobs up and down as it goes around and it even took a photo of you as you went past the realistic camera! This is a must do!

Unfortunately this ride seemed to be everyone’s favourite, I can see why, but that meant that there was a wait both of the times we wanted to go on it. This was fine on the second day, as it was grey, but on the first day we had glorious weather, but that meant standing in a queue was far too warm for little ones and you could hear lots of unhappy children!

There were waits on other rides, especially the helicopter, which we didn’t go on as it was too long. But it was nice to see these signs telling you how long you would be waiting. With little ones that’s really helpful if you know they won’t manage a wait that long!

As you walk around Peppa Pig World everything is so realistic to the programme. The signs for the rides are all in the colours and font that Peppa Pig is in. The announcements and songs that are played are all from the show. It’s so bright and colourful and even the bushes and the plants are cut into Peppa Pig characters! It’s very sensory based and interactive for the little ones. There is so much to look at, to listen to and to play on. What more could you want?

The Car and the boat rides were also really good and Alfie loved them too. However, what little boy doesn’t like cars and boats?

Paultons Park

The other side of the Park is Paulton’s Park Theme Park, it has lots of “bigger” rides and a Splash park. As the first day was a glorious sunny day, we had the perfect weather to get Alfie into his swimming stuff. We then let him run riot in the splash park. Charlotte didn’t have her swimming stuff and went in her clothes… she got drenched! As it was so hot, she did dry fairly quickly.

If you are heading to Paulton’s on a nice day, take swimming stuff and jump straight in, it was what we needed after a morning at Peppa Pig World and to cool down. It was great fun acting like a big kid and the little kids loved splashing around like crazy people! This is a must do!

If you have little ones and big ones then time their naps for after lunch and then they can snooze and the big ones can go on the roller coasters. The Edge, Cobra and the Log Flume were favourites with us, they are for slightly bigger kids but lots of fun! These are a must do!

There is still things to do for the little ones on that side of the park. There is a Dinosaur roller coaster, with no height or age limit, which Alfie did quite enjoy! I was scared that it may have been too much for him, but he didn’t cry.

There is a bouncy castle and some trampolines, and a caterpillar up and down, round and round ride. There is also a train ride, although be warned that if you are tall like Dan and want to fit, it may be an uncomfortable ride, as it’s not very big.

Great Family Day Out

All in all Paulton’s Park and Peppa Pig World are both great fun for all ages. They call themselves a family friendly Theme Park and they are just that. They was something for us all to do, and lots of things for us all to do together. If you want a day out, or if you are a little bit further away, then I would definitely recommend Paultons. We always had something to do and we all really enjoyed himself.

Charlotte was an absolute star for both days at the park. She took me and Dan on rides, she sat with Alfie, entertained him, but also had great fun herself!

Make sure you take lots of spending money as big kids and small kids will want to buy from the toy shops…

Let me know if you go and what your favourite ride was!

Mummy Fox xx


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