School Summer Holiday Bucket List

Our Summer Holiday Bucket List for the things we want to get up to this summer. Strawberry picking, beach trips and stay-cations!

We are only a week or so away from the school summer holidays. As Dan is a teacher, all of our holidays revolve around the school holidays, so things can be a bit restricted, or expensive. So we’ve decided that doing little things every so often would be a nicer use of our time. So here is our school summer holiday bucket list.

We are known to leave things until the last minute, or be quite spontaneous, but I’ve decided to have a bucket list of things to do. Hopefully we’ll get to do at least one thing a week, to spread it out.

A day trip to the beach

You can’t beat a summer holidays trip to the beach. Especially if the weather is nice. I grew up with Blackpool being just over an hour away. Now we live in the Midlands I realise how spoilt I was being so close to the beach. We are a good few hours away from all of the nearest beaches now.

With the weather we have been having recently all I’ve wanted is a trip to the beach!

Strawberry Picking

Although we’ve already been strawberry picking twice this year, it is a huge favourite of ours. So we couldn’t miss it off our summer bucket list. As you can see the big one absolutely loves it. There is definitely more picking and eating rather than picking and taking home…

Who can blame him though, freshly picked gorgeously red strawberries are screaming “eat me!”.

A trip to a theme park

Drayton Manor is just up the road from us and perfect for Alfie’s age. So I’m hoping that we’ll be able to fit a family trip out there. He’s not a huge fan of Thomas, but he loves the rides, especially the fire engine one… yes the one where you get soaked!

We are quite central so there are a few different theme parks around. Which others would you recommend for a 3 and a half year old? Oh and two big kids too?!

A day trip to London

Alfie is a huge fan of trains. I am a huge fan of first class. So we’ve said that we will combine the two and have a day trip to London. We are planning on seeing some of the sights, having an ice cream in Hyde Park and showing Alfie the tube trains.

I think we will definitely need a walk along Southbank to Wahaca too!

A mini stay-cation

This is something that I think is so under-rated. Why spends thousands on a holiday abroad when you can have a mini stay-cation for a fraction of the price and just as much fun? There are some stunning cottages or gems to be found on Air BnB that will give us a home from home too.

We want to head somewhere near the beach and maybe even a meet up with the lovely Cath at Little Paper Swans!

A Picnic in the park

One of the most simple things on our school summer holiday bucket list is a picnic in the park. Food, family and fun. Absolutely everything you could ever want. I’ll let you decide if they are in the right order…

A BBQ in the garden

Given that we don’t have a BBQ having one in the garden may be difficult… However, my dad is the king of the BBQ and I’m sure we will be able to invite ourselves round for one on a sunny day! Is there anything better than a BBQ, the kids playing in the garden, and a nice cold cider in the sun?

What do you have planned for the summer? Is there anything I should be adding to our school summer holiday bucket list?

Mummy Fox

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