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Christmas Series: The lovely Hayley at Land of Lawson guests posts on why her Christmas traditions are going out the window! *Cute baby photo warning*

Welcome back to the Christmas Series and a guest post from Land of Lawson! Today’s post is one from the lovely Hayley and why her Christmas traditions are going out the window!

As we had a newborn at Christmas two years ago, I know exactly what she means!

So here it is…

Why my Christmas traditions are going out the window…

Before I get into it, I’d like to introduce you to the most recent love of my life…

This is Lawson, the inspiration behind the brand, vlogs and blog posts, and generally THE cutest baby I’ve ever seen in my life (in my humble opinion, obvs).

I’m not going to lie; Christmas is a pretty big deal for me each year. I tend to start feeling festive around mid-October and it gradually builds and builds until on Christmas Eve Eve I have regressed to the behaviour of a small child.

My husband and I are very particular on how we spend our Christmases, and have a series of set in stone non-negotiables, like having his mum’s Christmas dinner (that crackling though, Lynda…), and spending Christmas night with my family for the infamous family buffet of leftover gammon and Camembert. I’m dribbling as I write…

Naturally, when our little button entered the world, we were completely under-prepared for how much of a change it would make to our lives. And this includes Christmas – I think we are both a little anxious about how different it will be this year.

However, I’m optimistic, and here’s why. We are keeping the same structure to our day, dinner with Dan’s parents, buffet at my parents etc, but I am particularly excited about the morning part. The part when we are in our own house, with our own Christmas tree (even if it is drooping and looking slightly tinged brown in colour), and a pile of presents that, yes, did get slightly out of control, for Lawson.

I get he’s only three months – but here is the new tradition that we are so excited about – Christmas is about HIM now!

The festive season suddenly has a whole new purpose and meaning, because it’s no longer about how excited we are for it and what presents we might be getting or giving. Suddenly all of that doesn’t seem to matter any more. All that matters is Lawson, and giving him the best experiences of Christmas possible.

And this is just the beginning. Obviously at the moment he has no concept of Christmas and the festive period, and is probably a bit confused as to why we have a half-dead tree in our house decorated with slightly mismatched decorations.

But what I am really excited for is the years to come. The years when we can introduce traditions like Elf on the Shelf (yes, I’m going there), and force-feeding him that one brussel sprout. Maybe cuddling up in the evening to watch a festive film, and enjoying a Christmas Eve hamper the night before with Christmas pyjamas, mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallows.

If you didn’t know, I make videos too, and I actually made one that goes into a little more detail about our current family traditions, and the traditions I would like to introduce in the coming years. If you fancy a nosey, check it out here: Land of Lawson Christmas Traditions YouTube Video

A very Merry Christmas to you all, may your day be filled with fun and magic!

Hayley, Land of Lawson

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