Leisure Dual Fuel Range Cooker Review with AO

An honest review of the Leisure Dual Fuel Range Cooker with AO. Do we love it? Is it big enough? What are the best things about it?

I recently said that the kitchen would be at the bottom of our to do list in the house. Unfortunately with an oven that was on it’s last legs we were left with very little choice. So AO came to the rescue. We were sent a lovely Leisure dual fuel range cooker.

It is the oven of my dreams. I am not joking.

It is shiny, stylish and oh so sleek. Well, it will be until little fingers start touching it!

Connection and Disposal

AO offers a connection and disposal service when you order with them. We had already started works on our kitchen so we didn’t need the old oven to be disposed of but we did need someone to connect it.

It makes it so much easier, especially if you are not qualified to connect the oven yourself. The two AO delivery/installation men arrived, checked the area where we wanted the oven and off they set. It didn’t take them very long at all. It’s worthwhile thinking about it. It makes it a hell of a lot easier that’s for sure.

Key Features

The main reasons I wanted this oven were:

  • Grill
  • Main oven
  • Second oven
  • 5 burner gas hob
  • Griddle

The Grill

Both Dan and I got very excited when we realised that we had a grill and, wait for it, a grill pan! If that isn’t adult life at it’s best I don’t know what is.

The grill section is a fairly decent size. It heats very quickly and cooks nice and evenly. You’ve just got to make sure you keep the grill door open otherwise it functions as an oven! There is a helpful sticker on the front reminding you of that though.

The Ovens

Every time I want to make a Sunday roast dinner I end up with pots and pans everywhere. (You will see what I mean in the photos.)

There used to be food that was cooked but needed reheating. All because there was not enough space in the oven and it went cold.

Now I have more than enough space and cooking a huge Sunday roast was so much easier. I used all six racks in the ovens and 3 of the 5 rings on the hob. You could easily feed a big family with this range cooker.

With the Leisure Dual Fuel Range Cooker both ovens are electric fan ovens, which constantly circulate hot air inside, to cook everything thoroughly on each shelf. You can move the racks in the ovens to be at multiple different heights dependent on where you need them. They preheat very quickly too.

It is pretty incredible that you can fit so much in and it cooks it all so well. Dan, my husband, said it was one of the best Sunday roasts I’d ever cooked. I put that down to the cooker! Everything was cooked nicely and still hot when it was time to dish up.

The Hobs

We previously had a five ring hob. The hob was good, you could fit a few pans on it but I was really hoping that when it was nice to update, we’d get better.

However, this is on another level. It is so big that you could fit everything without them being squished together, and compromising the cooking (or the outside of your pans!). The gas rings heat quickly and evenly and the wok burner is amazing!

There is even a griddle for on the hobs, although be careful because it is VERY heavy.

With its 8 dials and LED display the cooker is super easy to use. So no more relying on that egg timer you’ve had since time began, or forgetting and guessing.

The Leisure Dual Fuel Range Cooker looks stylish, modern and expensive. It is actually really great value for money coming in at just under £1K.

I am delighted with our new Leisure Dual Fuel Range Cooker and if you are in the market for a new range cooker, you will love it too! You can buy it here.

Mummy Fox

AO.com were incredibly generous enough to gift us the Leisure Dual Fuel Range Cooker in exchange for an honest review.

However, all thoughts and opinions contained in this review are completely my own. A huge thank you to AO.com and Leisure for making sure that we may actually be able to host Christmas at our house one year after all!

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