Cleaning Crazy

I am a messy person. I’m sorry Dan! I doubt there will ever be any change to this, it’s just who I am.

I don’t mind cleaning and I don’t mind tidying up but if someone else can do it, bonus!

A few weeks ago we decided that we were wasting what I call our ‘family time’ cleaning. We both work full time and our evenings, what little is left of them when get home from school and picking Alfie up, are mainly spent enjoying the time we can playing with Alfie. Our weekends are always chaotic and it’s rare that we have a free weekend to do nothing.

That means that it’s difficult to find time to clean when we are not wanting to do something else (isn’t that everybody, ever?!) We therefore decided that it’d be more beneficial to us, as a family, to get a cleaner.

Our cleaner will come once a week for two hours and do the deep clean things, the bathroom and the kitchen.

I’m really hoping that it’ll give us time back as a family, for us to enjoy the time doing the things we love, rather than the cleaning we feel we need to do.

I’ll update you all on how we get on with a cleaner and what we do with our time!

Last week we packed to go to Dunfield, swapped cars over and picked up a guitar… All baby free (not quite what we had planned for more Alfie time but he was away with Aunty Anna!)

It’ll be so nice to come home and the house will have been cleaned. Do you have a cleaner? Do you have any recommendations on what we should definitely get her to do? We have no idea what we are doing!

Mummy Fox xx

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