The Master Bedroom: House to Home

We are working through decorating our house. Next up is the master bedroom. It has been a long time coming and not without its drama...

Welcome back to the House to Home series and to the Master Bedroom one! This post really has been a long time coming as you may know from reading Decorating Disaster

As with the other rooms we’ve decorated I’ll start off by showing you what our room looked like before hand…

This is another of the estate agents photos from when we bought the house. Therefore none of the furniture in the photo is ours. For a bit of context, as it is hard to tell on a photo, the bed is a super king size bed… Also, yes that is a treadmill in the bedroom!

So as you would expect to fit all of that in one room, the room must be pretty big. It is a huge bedroom, with so much space and potential. It is just a shame it was decorated how it was!

Five months to decorate a bedroom

We first started operation “Get rid of horrible flowery wallpaper” in October. We finally finished said operation in February! Five months to decorate a bedroom is ridiculous. Normally I would agree with you.

However, if the main person decorating the bedroom breaks their arm and is admitted to hospital twice in that time frame… You can’t be surprised! So when you throw two birthday’s, a holiday to Cornwall and Christmas into the mix, you have got to wonder how it even got finished at all!

The wallpaper was an absolute nightmare to get off. What we discovered on some of the walls underneath seriously made me consider what on earth I was thinking to start decorating!

There were holes in the wall, big areas that needed plastering and a lot of work ahead.

I spent numerous evenings and weekends decorating with one arm or glossing the skirting boards whilst I felt up to it after being poorly.

*I definitely did not climb on the drawers to edge the top. (*This is a blatant lie to keep anybody who tells me not to climb ladders any more happy!)

Luckily someone we knew was able to come and fill in the walls and put the wallpaper up for us. We have never wallpapered a wall before and given it was taking so long just to paint, paying for somebody to do it was definitely worth it.

If you live locally and need some work doing, let me know and I’ll give you his details!

Seeing progress

After a long, hard slog we finally started to see some progress!

The walls had two coats of paint, and the skirting boards, windowsill and radiator were glossed.

We very quickly realised that the bedding we’d bought clashed massively, as you can see. So unfortunately I had to go shopping again…

Finishing touches

No room is ever complete without some finishing touches. Some things we had already and others we bought especially for the room.

I say we, I mean me.

Dan didn’t like most of the little bits I got for our room, but he likes it now it’s finished! Are all men like this?

Bedside Tables

The gorgeous white lace effect pots are the thing Dan hated the most. I love them, they are so cute! They are perfect for popping little bits in so they don’t mess up your bedside table.

Dan’s bedside table has one of those pots and his lamp on. Whereas mine is a bit prettier. It has a fake flower, candle and note pads on.

Come on, I keep a child alive there is no chance I can keep a flower alive too!


We originally wanted a photo wall in our bedroom, whilst we sort out what we want, the design, source the frames etc, etc, we’ve put up two IKEA shelves. I popped some frames with photos and prints in. Also adding the hearts and signs to the ends of them.

The prints are some of the best I’ve seen and are from a guy called Simon Clarke. We actually bought them when we were in Cornwall, but you can get them online. Although I may use it as an excuse to go back and buy bigger ones!


The wallpaper was what I’d wanted from the get go. You can see what I originally wanted in my Next Home Wishlist for our bedroom post. It’s actually what I spent a few Next vouchers on… Yes, I am now getting old.

If I don’t buy for Alfie I buy for the house.

Once I’d seen that wallpaper there was no chance I was going for anything else and the ideas for the rest of the room fell around that.

It is such a bright, funky paper that it makes for the perfect features walls either side of our chimney breast and then the rest of the walls are the plain blue.

Adding the Yellow

I’ve got to say that I wasn’t 100% sure on including the yellow, albeit only a couple of things, in case it was too much or it clashed. But I like it…

What do you think?!

As we’d changed the layout of the room, with the bed facing the window, it needed something to add some focus. The bright yellow certainly does that.

Plus it has some gorgeous summery photos in it!


The chair, the drawers and our gorgeous bed are all from IKEA. But the wardrobe and bedside tables were given to us by some friends. They are such good quality and fit the room perfectly. The only thing we may need to do is get some more IKEA drawers and switch out the chair.

We also have an IKEA mirror that we are in the process of putting it up on the side of the wardrobe. It balancing precariously on the side and a toddler are not a good mix!


You can see the curtains in the photo below. It’s only now that I’ve realised how awful previous curtains we’ve had have been. These are black out curtains that feel amazing, and do actually make the room pitch black… even in the bright sunlight! I really think it is helping me to sleep better having a darker room.

All in all, I absolutely LOVE our newly decorated bedroom! It’s not quite what I imagined, but it’s better. It’s now a room I’d happily let people see, rather than shutting the door when we have visitors.

I’ve put a list below of where we got everything other than things we got as gifts. If I’ve missed anything or you can’t find something just pop me a comment and I’ll let you know if I know!

Is it bedtime yet?!

Mummy Fox xx

Where to Buy…

  • Wallpaper – Next
  • Paint (Dulux Mineral Mist) – B&Q
  • Yellow Smile Frame – Next
  • Teal Photo Frame – Next
  • Grey Photo Frames – Wilkos
  • Love Heart Prints in Grey Photo Frames – Simon Clark Prints bought from the Ocean Gallery, St Ives.
  • Wooden Heart “I love you to the moon and back” – Dunelm
  • Wooden Heart “All you need is love” – Dunelm
  • “There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy” sign – Dunelm
  • “There’s no place like home” House – Pretty Little Home
  • “Love the life you live, Live the life you love” – Pretty Little Home
  • Grey Bedside Table Lamps – George at Asda
  • Grey Bedding – Matalan
  • Yellow Pillowcases – Sainsbury’s
  • Curtains – Very
  • Cushions – Dunelm, Very and Primark
  • Chair – IKEA
  • Drawers – IKEA
  • Mirror – IKEA
  • White Patterned Pots – IKEA
  • Teal Plant Pot and Flower – IKEA
  • Teal Wire Baskets – Very
  • Canvas – 1Click Print
  • Vanilla Candle – Primark
  • Metal Candle Holder – Primark

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