Happy Monday! It is a very happy Monday today as it is a Bank Holiday and they are the best kind!

In an attempt to curb our spending, and cut down on the take away’s and eating out we are attempting to write, and stick to, a meal plan!

I love cooking but I like to stick with what I know. Last week’s Gousto box inspired two of this week’s meal. We like them so much we popped the ingredients on this week’s shopping list and meal plan.

Meal Plan

This week has my first day back at work, a night where Dan is at Parent’s Evening and a vegetarian. Therefore our week is a bit different to usual!

I don’t know about you guys but I always find cooking for one really boring. Well, one and a half. I also seem to find it hard to make vegetarian meals that aren’t Pasta Bakes. What can I make?

This week’s Meal Plan

Sticky Chilli Beef Burittos with a Lime Mayo

Curried Chicken and Sultana Rice with a fresh Carrot and Coriander Salad

Jacket Potatoes with Tuna and Sweetcorn and Cheese

Creamy Pasta Bake

Chicken One Pan Rice Meal with Nachos

Feeding the Toddler

When Alfie was younger we did Baby Led Weaning with him. Therefore he’s pretty much always just eaten what we have. The only time he hasn’t is when it’s been too hot or he’s been too hungry and has needed to eat quickly! So he’ll be eating the same as us this week.

I also want to try to make some vegetable cakes to try to get more veggies into him. He is at the stage at the moment where he wants to pick out all of the vegetables! Failing that I’ll be blending them into a sauce and getting the goodness into him that way instead. Toddlers!

What are you eating this week? How do you meal plan? Have you got any inspiration for me?

Mummy Fox xx

12 thoughts on “Meal Plan Monday #1”

  1. Hello and welcome to #MealPlanningMonday! I love meal planning and have found it to be a huge help hence the continued plans. Hope to see you back again and your first meal plan sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing with #MealPlanningMonday x

  2. Oooh, how did it go Amy? We did a very quick ‘meal plan’ for the first time this week and I’m already off schedule (had meant to cook a roast yesterday but then had a last minute invite to a BBQ!). My weekly meals do not sound as exciting as yours though! Hope going back to work was good!

    1. It went well, we stuck to the whole thing! Work has been crazy so having things planned has really helped. A BBQ sounds better than a roast though, I’m with you on that! x

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