Baby Clothes

Does anybody else find the sizing of Baby Clothes RIDICULOUS?! How can it differ so much from shop to shop? It’s not difficult, pick a size keep to that size and then we all know what we are buying.  

Look Alfie lost his legs in this baby grow! 

No, don’t change it by a few inches because then I have to try and remember that Next do crazy big sizes, M&S are on the small side and Asda and Tesco seem to have it spot on! I don’t want to have to think about that when spending too much money on cute outfits he’ll only wear once. Or maybe not even once!

So, all you baby clothes shops that I shop in, or Alfie’s been bought clothes from, Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Next, Debenhams, M&S, BHS, Matalan, Mothercare… Can you all not have a sizing party?! Get together pick a size in the middle, all stick to it. Go away and make your clothes so they are all the same size? That would make it soooo much easier for us mums and dads with little ones!

I don’t know about you but I feel like I’ve spent three of six months of Alfie’s life sorting out his clothes. No sooner have they been put in the drawer they are coming out again as they are too small. I can’t look at the label because some 6-9 months (the size he’s in) fits perfectly, yet some 3-6m still fit and some 9-12m fit! Yet, most 3-6m were chucked in the loft months ago, and the brand new 9-12m ones may as well go back to the shop!

I have to try to eye up whether it’ll fit or remember what it was like last time he wore it! Madness!  You silly high street stores are driving us all mad and to little boutiques. Take these leggings for example, they are from The Little Ark Boutique and are amazing! Not only are they totally adorable, yes he has a monster on his bum, but the sizing is great. They are 6-12m so not a typical sizing, but they fit really well. They are stretchy so will fit him to nearly 12m and they have enough length in them too. So if you are going out to buy new outfits have a look at some independent boutiques as they have some great stuff!

Alfie, when he wakes up from his morning nap, is today having some more funky leggings on from Fred and Noah! These fox leggings are currently in the shopping basket… Oops!

Get your act together high street stores!

Mummy Fox xx

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