When is the ‘right time’ to have another baby?

Is there a right time to have a second baby? Is it 1 year after? 2 years after? What is the perfect age gap?

I’m a mum of one. I’m absolutely certain that I want another baby but I have no idea when. I’m massively broody, that’s just the kind of person I have always been, and probably always will be.


How can this not make you broody?!

So deciding that we wanted a brother or sister for Alfie was easy. What’s not so easy is deciding when to start trying…

My sister is 13 months younger than me. I could not imagine getting pregnant when Alfie was 4 months old *mum you are a lunatic!*. But then there are 5 years between me and my brother. That’s one extreme to the other really.

Alfie is currently 21 months. He is, without sounding big-headed and one of those mums that brag about how clever their child is, quite advanced for his age. He is at an amazing age and I’m absolutely loving the toddler stage. He walks, well runs, most of the time. He talks, too flipping much! He’s even starting to talk in sentences and ask for things and we can understand him, without him pointing at things. He counted to 6 the other day, without prompting (I cried because I’m an emotional proud parent and I couldn’t help it! I also realise that’s now going to have scarred him for life and he will not do it again!).

I just absolutely love him at the moment. Would a new baby change that? How would that affect him? Will it change the person he is?

I never realised how much of a big decision deciding when to have another baby was! Come on guys, this not telling parents about the important things is not cool…

I mean this is just how it would affect our life with Alfie. Never mind the money, the work  and the childcare side of things. We have, and obviously are, discussing those, we are not totally stupid, but money is not the be all and end all of life. Being happy, healthy and enjoying life definitely is!

What we do know is that when the time comes Alfie will be an amazing big brother and I’m sure we’ll love being a family of 4.

Somebody send us a money tree!

What age gaps do you have? Let me hear your experiences of two under three/four/five…

Mummy Fox xx

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