I’ll start off by apologising for what is likely to be a ranting post… But I have had enough of people telling me that I should be working part-time!

I’m a working mum and I think I’m a flipping good one at that!

I changed jobs when I went back to work, after Maternity leave, to benefit Alfie. I went from working 37.5 hours a week to 37 hours a week, but term time only. Dan’s a teacher and also works in a school so we both get school holidays off.

That means we get:

  • 1 Week – October Half Term
  • 2 Weeks – Christmas
  • 1 Week – February Half Term
  • 2 Weeks – Easter
  • 1 Week – Whitsun Half Term
  • 6 Weeks – Summer

That’s 13 weeks holiday. 13 weeks! As a teacher Dan does work ridiculous hours at home in the evenings and during the holidays too. However I’m lucky that, apart from the odd email, I leave my work at work. This means that I come home and my evenings can be spent with Alfie. It also means that my weekends and holidays are free to spend with Alfie.

Changing jobs was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Ultimately I get more time with Alfie.

However, I feel the need to defend my decision. I’ve been asked numerous times “Why are you not working part-time?” or told “You should look for a part-time job!”.


Why should I? Just because it works for your family does not necessarily mean it’d work for us. I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy leaving the house in the morning and knowing we’ll only see Alfie for a couple of hours before bed. It’s not. But it makes those weekends and holidays together amazing.

Just because working part-time is what you think I would like to do, does not mean it is financially viable. Nor does it mean that is what’s best for our family. If I worked part-time I wouldn’t get the same holidays. I wouldn’t get the same amount of time off as Dan. I’d have to pick 5 weeks of which I could have off the same as him. That wouldn’t work with Alfie and family life.

No matter how many times it’s pushed the answer will always be the same.

Does it work for your family?

Great! I’m glad that it does, but how we live our lives should be up to us. Stop being so pushy!

working mum

I Like My Job!

I like my job and it really helps with me working full-time. Getting through the weeks of work would not be possible if I didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong if I could spend more time with Alfie I could. He is an amazing little boy and he is learning so much so quickly. Sometimes I do feel like I’m missing out on some of his milestones and the things he’s learning. But if I didn’t work we wouldn’t be able to live the life we do or provide what we want for him. It’s swings and roundabouts really!

On the other hand, spending all day every day with Alfie would be exhausting! I’m not sure how Paula, his childminder, does it?! When I was on Maternity Leave, I loved my time with Alfie but, I craved some adult company. Life is all about finding the right balance and I think we are getting there!

Do you work full-time and feel guilty about working? Do you work part-time and find it hard balancing it? Or are you a stay at home parent? Do you miss working?

I’m sure we will all fit into different categories and have different opinions, as long as we are all happy and healthy what does it really matter? I’m fairly sure we are all working to pay the bills anyway?!

Mummy Fox xx

2 thoughts on “Working Mum: Stop telling me I should work part-time!”

  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    I work 37 hours a week, with two days off mid week so Sharon can go to London. When I work, I work later which means T goes to nursery for the afternoon. It works for us. It sucks at times as I only have 26 days a year that I’m off with the family (excluding annual leave) but it’s ok.

    I’ve had people ask WHEN I’m going part time as if it’s something, as a parent, I should be doing?

    Nursery is probably doing a far better job than if T were to be at home with me. Plus, like you said, the money is what pays for everything and then some. If I went part time I’d lose that and we can kiss goodbye to savings and holidays.

    Why is our life only about the kids when we become parents? We had/have other priories too – like ourselves!

  2. I hear you!!! I’m a bear enough full time working Mama too… I work 30 hours a week as a manager and do feel the strain, but I pride myself in not being a SAHM who claims all the benefits under the sun (This may sound extraordinarily judgemental but the town I live in is a town of women that have babies to claim more free money without having to work… ashamedly…) BUT I do wish to become a SAHM that works for herself!!!! I’m aware that many do… and I’d LOVE that… being able to work at home is the aim… come on blog!!! Haha!! <3

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