Mr and Mrs Fox: The Journey to the Church and the Surprise!

The journey from Swancar to the Church was around 45 minutes. 45 minutes is a long time in a Campervan with your dad and your flower girl, no phone and not very much to do!

Faye (our flower girl) was amazing at keeping us distracted with countless games of eye spy. What else do you play in the car with a 6 year old?! It made me realise how much of a big kid my dad is and how they are both big cheats too!

This looks like the face of someone who is nervous. I didn’t feel nervous at all on my way to the church, in fact I only felt nervous when it was my time to read my promise statement out. I hate public speaking!

I was actually a bit worried and upset here. We’d just pulled up outside Church and I’d seen Dan in the school room. I was worried that he’d seen me before he should have, but more importantly I was worried that he’d seen the wedding car!

A good few months before the wedding Dan and I had discussed what car we wanted for the wedding. It went along these lines “I don’t know. I don’t care” neither of us were really fussed about what car we would have. Now, for those of you that know Dan you will know that he likes Campervans. That’s the only car he expressed any interest in having, and by an interest I mean he looked up at his phone for more than 5 seconds, but he didn’t want to spend a fortune and after a quick look came to the conclusion that we couldn’t find any and I could just pick a cheap car and book that instead.

I found a Camper van. I booked it. I didn’t tell Dan.

Now I know your not supposed to have secrets in a relationship and starting off our married life lying probably wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had… but it was worth it!

I eventually booked a lovely Blue Campervan with Libby at The Little Blue Bay. It was adorable and although Dan prefers green Campervans, and our colour scheme was purple and yellow, I knew he’d love it.

A couple of months later I realised that we wanted a sweets table and Libby actually turned the campervan into a Candy Van and served sweets out of the back of the van. Clearly I am too good a liar, but somehow pulling off not buying any sweets for the wedding was a stretch, even for me. So I had to tell Dan about the Candy Van, yet not give anything away about the campervan being the wedding car.

Keeping the campervan a secret was fine most of the time, Dan only really asked if I’d paid for it. Then it came to our meeting with Wayne, our photographer over at Wayne Rowe Photography, I forgot to tell Wayne about the surprise… Fast forward to lots of awkward questions about timings and how it’d work fitting in some photos with Bella (the campervan), lots of panicking about Dan finding out, I eventually filled Wayne in on the secret and it was back to normal.

Well, until we realised that time was very tight, given that we were having an afternoon wedding with a 45 minute commute to the venue, and we’d really struggle to do the turn around with the Campervans. Fortunately the amazing Libby at the Little Blue Bay came to the rescue and offered to set the Candy Van up in another one of her Campervans, Bluebell!

As it turns out Dan didn’t see Bella the campervan until we were married and it was a fantastic surprise for him.

We honestly cannot thank Libby and her husband enough for the amazing service they gave us for our wedding day. The Campervans were immaculate, the sweets went down a treat and most importantly Dan absolutely loved it!

Campervans have got the be one of the cutest ever. What’s your favourite? What colour campervan would you pick?

Mummy Fox xx

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